Posted on 15 May 2011

Channeled Through Eric Breault

Hello beloved ones, we are the and Sisterhood of Light.  We are noticing the break down of the control matrix.  It is intensifying as we speak.  This break down will allow for you to develop the ability to work with the matrix.  This break down will also allow for you to develop a concept of the oneness matrix.  This oneness matrix will allow for you to go beyond your separation from .  You are truly ready to see your oneness with , or whatever you call this hierarchical being. Know it is so.

Achieving the oneness state in the matrix will allow for you to become true masters in the third dimension.  The oneness matrix will assist you in creating a bridge between the third and 4th dimension, which will allow you to reach the fifth dimensional .  The new fifth will allow you to tap into the freedom of who you truly are.  You are going to realize your oneness connection with all living things. 

The fifth dimensional energy will give you the power to be the true person you are meant to be.  You are going to find the strength of overcoming all obstacles.   You will embrace the lost gifts once again.  You are regaining the memory of these lost gifts that are free flowing in the new fifth dimensional energy. The realization of the fifth dimensional energy will allow the bridge between the 3rd and fourth dimensional to thin.  The thinning of these two dimensional realms will allow many to start walking to the new fifth dimensional world where and earth becomes one.  You are all preparing to leave the fear based world to an all loving one.  Have faith and trust the process.  Know it is so.

You may not see us in spirit, but we are with you at heart.  We are preparing the bridge in the 4th dimensional heavenly realm, while you prepare the bridge in the 3rd dimensional earth realm.  Just know that the ascension process is coming together perfectly according to god's plan.  Know that divine intervention is at it's play right now.  You are truly ready to trust your oneness connection with the universe.  Allow the oneness matrix to flow freely through you.  It is time to be the stars in the heavens. 

We appreciate all the wonderful work you have accomplished.  We know you will accomplish a lot more in the coming year.  Keep up with the wonderful work beloved ones.  The shining star in us embraces the shining star in you.  We are one.  Namaste