9 May 2011 Black Ishtar

Thought I'd with you an amazing experience I had today. Not all my dreams are dark but they are always vivid lol. This I had an amazing experience, it had been raining for most of the morning, so I took the opportunity to back into bed and continue reading my novel (decadent I know – lol). I only anticipated retiring for a couple of hours.

Before too , I felt really drowsy and consequently fell fast asleep. I remember having extremely vivid, active and detailed dreams. At one point, I was saying to myself during my slumber, 'come on, wake up this is only a dream' but it kept on going on and on – you know – one of those of dreams?

Now this is where it gets really weird – at one point, I swear I actually thought I had woken up. It was mid afternoon and the suns rays were streaming through my bedroom window. I was looking upwards and descending from the ceiling were the most incredibly assortment of brilliantly illuminated coloured orbs, softly and slowly floating down like soap bubbles. were thousands of them. I can't explain the exhilaration and ecstatic bliss I felt as I held out my hands and lifted my just to feel them. Everytime one gently touched my skin, I felt a tingle, it was like every nerve in my body was 'fizzing' and my very essence had all the effervescent bubbles of a soda pop. I felt so light and free and so totally serene, I was crying and laughing at the same time with complete happiness.

After a while of revelling in the marvel of these orbs, I suddenly felt a 'pop' around the area of my pineal gland and that's when my soul left my body. I was this bright pink sparkling comet, with a long irridescent tail. very much like a firework skyrocket, soaring, weaving and pelting through the universe, faster than the speed of light. All the time I could smell the delicate perfume of the Goddess (frangipani and jasmine) – I really can't convey this experience to you in mere lay terms. I was literally, in what I would 'heaven'.

Alas – my journey came to an abrupt end – my phone rang, it was my sister asking whether she should get something for dinner on her way over. Folks – it was 6:30pm – I can't explain where all that time had gone – nearly the whole day – but this is not the face of a worried woman – nup!!! It sure felt fantastic – I feel so refreshed and invigorated so I guess it really 't matter – lol. Have other Lightworkers had these kind of experiences? I'd really like to hear your OBE tales.