14 May 2011

I am Siddhartha Gautama. It is with deepest of gratitude and the greatest of that I come to you .

I start off with a question today and that question is, “What is that you as human beings truly wish for?” This is a question that you and you alone can answer. For it is truly your wishes and desires that you are creating in this physical dimension. The creations have always been yours. I am here today to tell you that it is time for all of to join hands and be as one. It is time for all to create their true wishes and desires. This ability to create your true wishes and desires has always been with you and you have created many great things on earth.

During the season of my incarnation on earth, I taught that we learned through and this was true. I am here today that no longer do you have to experience through . It is time for you now to know that you can experience through peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, and abundance for all. All you simply have to do is believe this is true. There was a great purpose for my teachings and I know that these teachings helped many human beings. It is time now to look at the teachings for the teachers here on earth today are teaching with greater knowledge and greater wisdom. There are so many of us here on the Other Side who are working with these teachers to help them have a greater understanding and to help them to bring forth the knowledge and the wisdom of the All That Is.

When I asked you to join hands together across the globe, I mean this literally. Hold each others hands and feel the of each other and you truly know that this is the way to create peace. It is truly time to stop looking at the opposites of everything and then judging these opposites. When it comes to humanity there are no opposites for you truly are all the same. You are Spirit incarnate in the physical body experiencing the human experience. This has always been true. You are all Divine Beings and I ask you today to honor that divinity. Know that the image you see in the mirror is not who you truly are. This is simply the illusion you have created of your self during this incarnation. See your self from within and you will see who you truly are. This is truly reawakening to your Soul.

I ask you today to be a part of the New Earth Energy. This is the Divine Energy of Mother and Father God. It is time now that all human beings reawaken to the full faith and consciousness of the All That Is. This is the true reality. Open your hearts to this New Earth Energy and you will know this to be true. I have to say this once again that my teachings during the season that I was on earth, incarnate in the physical dimension, were appropriate for that season. It is a new season now and there are many new teachers and if you listen to these new teachers, they are all teaching the same. Look at the sameness within these teachings and look at the sameness within yourselves. Through looking at the sameness you will begin to eliminate judgment on earth. Sameness brings about agreement and where there is agreement there is peace.

Many of you who are incarnate today in this physical dimension are feeling this New Earth Energy. To some this brings about confusion and to others this brings about clarity. To those who are confused by this energy, align the intelligence of your mind with the greater intelligence of your heart and this will bring about clarity.

It is with the greatest honor and respect that I come to you this day to deliver this message. Know that there are great times coming to all who are on the planet earth living in the physical dimension. I am Buddha~