Kiril Chukanov, of Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC has announced that his "Angel-I" generator prototype has been completed, and produces around 30kW of output with only 7.5kW of input, by harnessing quantum free energy.

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
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What I find most exciting about being involved in the exotic energy community at this time, is that so many alternative energy technologies are emerging all at once. For example, Andrea Rossi's technology is in process of constructing a one megawatt cold fusion (E-Cat) plant in Xanthi, , QM Power's "Parallel Path Magnetic Technology" is racing towards commercialization with funding from NASA among other credible sources, the PlasmERG is ready for mass production the moment a proper source of funding arrives, and these are just a few of the technologies about to appear in the market place. Now, there is another that is approaching the marketplace, if funding can is provided. This is the Quantum Free Energy (QFE) technology of Bulgarian Professor, Kiril Chukanov.

Over the past decade Chukanov has developed multiple methods of creating ball lighting in the laboratory, and using it to extract energy that exists all around us and throughout the universe. To provide a brief and very simplified description of the process, a translucent or transparent sphere of material that can insulate heat is filled with a pressurized gas. Microwaves or other high frequency electromagnetic waves are directed into the sphere, following an ignition. The result is a bright and stable ball lightning being created in the vessel. 

A crude form of this can be seen illustrated many places on the web. (Link) A person places a glass up-side-down in a microwave, elevated from the bottom of the microwave by some spacers; a match is lit and placed under the glass; then the microwave is turned on. A ball of plasma forms and rises to the top of the glass. Chukanov is the inventor of this phenomenon; and he apparently has learned how to optimize and control it for .

This ball lightning can be manipulated in different ways to absorb energy from the environment and push it back into the quantum realm, or to emit energy from the quantum sea into our macro scale environment. The energy produced is in the form of light and heat. 

The claimed benefits of this technology are clear. According to Chukanov, it can work anywhere on the planet or in space, consumes no fuel, emits no radiation (except perhaps ultraviolet light which can easily be shielded), releases no pollution into the environment, and produces large gains of energy. Unlike solar power, this technology does not require sunlight and can operate twenty four hours a day. This is potentially a game changing source of energy!

The latest news from Chukanov (who presently resides in ), is that he has completed his Angel-I quantum free energy generator. He claims that with an input of only 7.5 kilowatts, around 30 kW of power is produced. The machine is ready to be demonstrated to potential investors who are serious about helping him bring this technology to the market. His webpage,, features a short write up about the Angel-I and photographs of the device.

This 30 kW unit is a scaled down version of a 600 kW unit he had intended on building, but he said he followed Sterling Allan's advice to go for something smaller.

Responding to Sterling's question about how he measured the input and output, he wrote:


During the tests of my technological QFE generators in (they were not built for the technology that I demonstrated) I learned from independent experts to measure very precisely the input, the output, the over-unity. The input is easy: there is MW power-meter that measure the forward and reflected MW power. This measurement is very accurate and it is compared with the input AC power (very precise measurement). 

The output in my QFE generator is heat (hot air). There are different independent methods of measurement of the output power: with air-flow meters, precise thermometers (many of them), and calculations.  Second method is: on the place of ball lightning is installed source of known power (electrical heater). And others. 

The results of independent measurements must be close enough. Etc. I have here such measurement equipment. If the QFE effect is too little – one can think about error in measurements. However, if the effect is two (200%) times the input, and more – there is no error – QFE is real!

Although Angel-I already produces large quantities of energy, Chukanov says there are improvements that can be made which would boost the output of the system to fifty, or even one hundred times the input. So his 30 kW output would only require 300 W of input! He would need between 5 and 10 times the output in order to self-loop the system with enough energy left over for the device to be cost effective as a base load power generator. 

In mass production, he states these systems would be over ten fold less expensive than conventional sources of energy. Such a source of cheap, clean, and abundant energy; whether coming from Chukanov, or another technology, or a combination of such technologies emerging; could help solve many of the issues facing our civilization, and perhaps boost the global economy. The impact of such a technology would change . No aspect of our existence would be untouched. Politics, economics, business, industry, and science would all be impacted!

Despite the significance of Chukanov's technology, he has had to work with minimal funding for quite a long time. He is not a wealthy man, and struggles to make ends meet like millions of others across and the world. Like , he has endured many periods of hardship in pursuit of his technology. However, Chukanov's situation is even more precarious. never had a wife, children, and in-laws to support and care for. This gave him a few more options than Chukanov. It is one thing to subject yourself to poverty to pursue a dream like did, but the situation is far different when family members are involved. 

Without going into the details, some communications sent to Sterling Allan by Chukanov seem to indicate a high level of frustration about his current situation. I do not think anyone can blame him for being upset. The nations of the world spend hundreds of billions of dollars to develop better weapons to kill human beings, but spend almost nothing on exotic energy research. Most of the money they do spend, is thrown away on the "hot" fusion research boondoggle.. Additionally, wealthy investors throw money on all sorts of ludicrous investments, but often seem to ignore important projects that could make a significant impact on the world. 

An honest, patient, and brave investor, who is serious about financially supporting Chukanov's development of the Angel-I, could potentially reap significant rewards. Chukanov has estimated it will take approximately one million dollars to improve his already overunity system, and produce a closed looped, market ready device. This is not to say that the device in its current state could not have a role in the market place, but there are improvements that could make it even more economically attractive. 

A million dollars is a drop in the bucket for many investors. Many such wealthy individuals may spend more than a million dollars on a week long vacation for friends and family, or an extra vehicle for their ten car garage. It's a shame more of the wealthy people in our world don't invest their money in ways that could help improve our civilization, in addition to making them a profit! 

For all these reasons, I can start to understand the stress Chukanov is going through. He has a family to support on one hand, and an extremely important technology to develop on the other. Finding the proper balance must be very difficult. However, I have learned in my life that during stressful periods, I cannot allow anxiety to make me lash out at others. My desire would be for Chukanov to realize Sterling Allan is not an enemy, but someone who wants to see exotic technologies emerge to benefit the world, and their inventors! 

My honest belief is that Chukanov's technology is fascinating, important, and very likely an energy breakthrough. I hope that in the future PES and Chukanov can put aside any differences, and cooperate to spread awareness of the technology.

 On the evening of May 4, I visited Dr. Chukanov and filmed his prototype.  Here's the video.


Hank provided the following transcription.  A group of question marks represent words he could not understand.) 


The input total when everything works is about 5 kilowatts. The output is very big. You know, I have measurement equipment from Canada. It is easy to measure. I have very good precise (?????)meter like this, zero point one degrees. I have wall meters too. I have everything and even though I have days of (????) conversion, plasma, the input power is the same. But plasma (????).

This here I incorporate because I need this (????). This (????) is my construction. I can turn the speed… So I need this very much to make, to manipulate ball lighting. It is very important too. This thing made the difference. If I didn't install this, this will be very.. I measure it of course, overunity (????) with all this. But this makes the difference. I do not tell you what is this. This made the big difference. Of course construction of this core chamber, but (????) rebuilt. No, this cost me 5,000 dollars, very complicated. But I already built according to what I know.

Next step is to make conversion, heat to electricity, but I need money for that. Anyways, (??????) steam turbine.

(He turns on the machine.)

Sterling: What are these indicating?

Kiril: They are for orientation. That, no change. (????) to show that when I change the things input AC's the same. For precise measurement I have better equipment. It is for oreintation. People can see there is no changes. 

This maximum 15 minute, but I can (????) goes up. 

(He pushes the start button and a plasma starts to form.)

This is plasma. You know, it's input is 2.7 kilowatts. No effect for plasma, but ball lighting effect is.. so I have basis for comparison.

(Ball lighting appears.)

Ball lighting is starting to occur. At the beginning it is dim. (????) It becomes more and more. 

Ball lighting, and now I start to manipulate. With manipulation, big core unit.

Very stable. Thirteen minutes, but I can (????).

Very nice, very stable ball lighting. But I start manipulating and then (????).

Very perfect machine. Perfect. Very easy to manipulate.

Sterling: What is the smell?

Kiril: I don't know. (????) It's on the…. some garbage. Teflon. It must burn. 

Sterling: The flies?

Kiril: Yeah, on the… the Guano around this, some Teflon. I think yes. 

Need more?

Sterling: That's good.

Kiril: I can stop. OK. This can run forever. The system, it's monster.

Sterling: Tell me how you are measuring the output?

Kiril: I am very good specialist in this. Here is flow meter. It measures flow. I have another one with (????). When it is open I measure with this. I measure with this before. I put here the (????) I measure the flow. I know cross section. I measure temperature. Everything, so it's easy. Don't forget. I have basis for comparison. Plasma. Plasma doesn't generate overunity. It is zero experiment. When Plasma, I measure everything. When I run ball lighting and start off system the difference is so visible. Even temperature not to measure this, even temperature, because input is the same for plasma and ball lighting. Even though when temperature jumps I already have the flow. I know this flow. I measure it many times. I know even though I don't need to measure, but people who are first time here they will. 

Plasma no effect. Ball lighting all this manipulation, big effect. All temperature to measure, but you have to know the flow of course to calculate. That's easy.

Sterling: Are these for hot water or hot air.

Kiril: These are for different test experiments you know. There are many (????) I change direction I change flow, everything. This is the most important thing. And of course construction, construction of chamber. There are three difference chambers inside, inside, another. This is important construction. Actually, I'll change it. I have another I will change this configuration to fit very well with this (????).

# # #

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