7 May 2011

Channeler:  Julie Migneault

Rejoice in your to . Feel the high vibration of love, and bliss. Feel the angels and Guides and Masters that surround you, always beckoning you home with messages of love and wisdom.

You are a child of . You are one with . Connect to this - within you. Always there, regardless of your outer circumstances.

Rejoice in your connection to the . Feel the steady, embracing and nurturing support of the . She is a part of you, and you She. Feel the connection and rejoice in it.

You are a bridge. A bridge between worlds, between Spirit and Matter. Your seemingly insignificant human experience creates an open conduit for the meeting and transmuting of dense energies in to their pure God-like essence. Open to this connection. Be the connection, live it fully.

Release your self-judgments, they only block this connection. Release your self-doubt and choose to connect with your Higher Knowing of your Spiritual Purpose here in this body.

There are portals opening to bring in more and more energetic support to the at this time. With intention, connect to these openings and rejoice in their availability. It is through your existence as a bridge that allows these energies to move through the densities on the and be present at this time. Your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are shifting as you receive these energies and allow them in to your being. Ground them into the earth.

As fully as is possible, connect with the energies of the Earth, connect with yourself, and connect with your Spiritual guidance. It is imperative for your own ability to navigate these challenging times that you create a space for this connection. It will allow you to more easily manage the influx of energies that are still new to your physical self.

Call upon us for suport. We are here. So many from the higher dimensions are standing by, holding your earthly Self in love and and deep gratitude for your work on the Earth plane. You are agents of change and transformation. Honor yourself. Honor each other.

You are transmuting lower energies of the Earth plane through your being. Hold compassion for one another and see this as the truth of the situation, especially when you are displeased with anothers actions, words or dispositions. Recognize that this individual may be in a process of transmuting lower earth energies for the greater good of the whole. Honor your brothers and sisters and hold them in compassion as they share in this bold and beautiful work with you. You are all brothers and sisters, connected forever through your earthly experience. Connected in love.

Rejoice in the connection.

Many Bessings,

The Divine Feminine