During my meditation this morning a bright white being with wings showed up. It appeared more male than female. Now be honest. If this happened to you, wouldn’t you feel honored and excited that a “being of light” presented itself to you? Wouldn’t you accept anything it wanted to share with you?

I didn’t really know at the time what this being expected to happen, but instead of welcoming it with open arms, I sent the thought: “What do you want”? The quality of light in the space around it dimmed. I realized that the initial light it exhibited was actually reflected light rather than light from within its own being. I also noticed that there were other similar beings moving around in the background. The whole atmosphere presented a general emotional feeling of .

In answer to my question, the being communicated that it wanted to be free. My communication in return was that if it wanted to be free, it had to choose . This ended my interaction with that being and the space it was coming from.

I thought more about my experience as I was on my morning walk with my dog in the mountain top woods, . I wondered why I had this experience, and what was its significance. I realized that the main purpose was so I could share it with you. Whether you realize it or not, you are having the same experience daily, but it just may look different. That “being of light” I was interacting with had the initial job of recruiting me to remain locked into the artificial we have been playing with on this planet. It would have offered me a life of light, and love, and abundance, etc if I agreed to work with it.

If I accepted the deal I would have remained trapped in a matrix that says there are beings that are more than I am, and I could achieve status in their , if I worshiped them. The way I am presenting the proposal does not sound to appealing. But then again, I am not appealing to your ego sense of self. I am communicating with your ! I knew right away there was something bogus about this “being of light” because I had no resonance with it. The light it was reflecting was my own light.

I didn’t judge this being for trying to snare me. I have compassion for it because I realize that it was playing a role that it agreed to play for many reasons. I benefited from my interaction with it because this interaction gave me a more expanded understanding of what is happening on this planet during this . Even though this being agreed to  be a part of this hierarchical mind matrix, it can be freed of it simply by changing its choice. It can always choose freedom. So can you.