I was at my old friend and neighbors’ yesterday and he said, “I can’t believe how many storms we are having”. “I can’t believe” is in this case a figure of speech. Of course he believes its happening. Instead of just agreeing with him that we are having a lot of strong and violent storms I said, “You knew this was going be happening”.

Many of us have been anticipating these as a probability for over 20 years. Now we are in the middle of that actuality manifesting! How we interact (notice I didn’t say react) with our experience of this process is significant. I think that when most of us initially hear of a , we first of all, go into fear, for our own safety. Then we think about the people of the area where it actually happened. Then some of us think about what we can do for them on an energetic level.

If we are being honest, I think that this response to do something for them is more a conditioned reaction because we are “supposed” to be compassionate people and compassionate people should do something compassionate for others in trouble. And what would be the action taken to demonstrate your compassion? Sending can be dicey because you probably don’t know what they need. You could say send unconditional but do you really know what that is? is a state of being, not a thing like that you can manipulate. To send it, would be to manipulate it. That puts conditions on your love. And what about that initial feeling of fear. Have you dealt with that before jumping into the “I have to do something for those people”mode? If not, your fear will be influencing anything you do.

Before you help others, you must first help yourself so you can really be in a position to offer aid if that is your role. The people physically experiencing a disaster chose to have the experience. It may be painful but it is something of value to them. They are gaining a needed experience. In some cases it is an obvious reason, like the development of that transpires when a salon owner offers their competitor a working space until that person’s destroyed facilities can be restored. The important thing is to remain present and act from your whether you are having the physical experience (no one claimed this journey would be easy) or are hearing of it.

So what do you do when you hear of another disaster? Do not react! Consciously recognize this as part of the we are all going through. Remain grounded (or get grounded) and make sure you are resonating with the earth and and are connected consciously with your heart. (Use the first meditation on my video page if you require a method to establish this resonance.) Once you reestablish these resonances, your heart and your higher self will indicate what action , if any, is appropriate for you to take. Better yet, touch in with the Earth, the Sun, and your Heart at the start of each day, and you won’t have to reestablish anything.

Most of us, as I’ve written previously, are capacitor/condensers for the higher frequency light energy catalyzing our personal and planetary transition into light beings. There is a working around the planet which you and the planet are connected to. As long as you stay out of fear and in your heart, the consciousness of mother earth will distribute this when and where it is required. All you need do is remain present and follow your higher guidance.

Above all else, please remember that whatever you experience, it is solely your choice and creation, so rejoice in your magnificence!