Who are the people you hold in the highest esteem? Who are the you look up to? If you are being honest with yourself, who are the who are better than you are? Its time for you to remove the pedestals and put these people on the same level as you, where they belong, and look them in the eye. Do you need more to do this? Consider this. Each one of these people must urinate and move their bowels each day.

Its important for you to remember that being a is not about what you do, its about how effective you are at storing and redistributing Higher Light Frequencies. Those people on pedestals mostly didn’t put themselves there. They might get more attention than you do, because they have a role to provide information, or techniques, that are beneficial to you and others, relative to you maintaining balance and grace during this time of transition.  It doesn’t make them better in any way than you. Do you think you would enjoy having one of these folks for a partner or room mate? In fact, for them to be successful in what they do (notice I didn’t say to be successful as a ), you have to be successful in applying what they have to offer. If you could not successfully use what they are offering, they would not remain in the spot light.

What has the greatest effect on your or anyone else’s success as a Lightworker is the degree to which fear is a factor in your life. I’ve drawn the analogy in the past of Lightworkers being like capacitors in an electrical system. Living in and acting from fear is like putting a capacitor in water. It does not function too well. Being a success as a Lightworker means you need to deal with fear and live from your .

Dealing with fear may require getting some help from your friendly neighborhood Lightworker who specializes in this area. Kimberley Jones at www.kimberleyjones.com can provide beneficial assistance in dealing with fear. Kimberley was voted Lightworker of the year! But please keep in mind, she still must use the Loo.