5 May 2011   Channeler:  Luminance River

Hello dear ! What is happening as far as your changes go?
Gaia:Can you be specific?
For example, what did the Quake do?
Gaia: You mean earthquakes in a plural sense, and they are still going on. I am nudging my axis. All is well as far as the Earth, the water, and the air are concerned and in the bigger picture, and for longer term. You may have difficulty understanding and believing that, but it is true. It is a time of upheaval, of birthing of transforming and it is for you. Think of it as bringing me into balance, balance in the midst of chaos going on. Once it settles, there we be more balance, and within the seeming chaos there is order and all is intended and perfect in you own world.

You have your own Aries waves of fire going on inside. What you feel, I also feel and vice versa. Lightworkers are most sensitive to the feeling of it, yet they know the higher purpose of the Earth changes. You can be peaceful and I will be peaceful. What one person holds, grows exponentially and creates a wave, a tsunami of love blanketing me. It is a labor, a birthing we are in, and sometimes the contractions feel violent. You were a so you know the value of strong contractions to give birth to a new baby. A protracted labor is one that continues and doesn't ever happen without intervention. In a way, my contractions are strong so that you as humans are shifting me, as I shift you. We are both being born as completely new entities without our old lives. Your going through this birthing with me is a great honor. Be as a doula or birth attendant that is full of the divine feminine presence and power, witnessing and holding space for my laboring. And do this for yourself as you witness your moment to moment shifting emotionally. Watch compassionately on yourself and everyone and me, . We are one being. The new entity that is being created is our merging, our oneness that wasn't there before. It is unifying energetically and harmoniously.

The more lightworkers who are at peace and in their hearts, the better for my transition and yours.
Me:Dear beloved Gaia, I want this to be real!

It is real. We are headed to a better place. Transmuting and transforming your essence and the essence of all you know to a new substrate.
New laws, new physics, new ways for what you know to exist. Real can be defined as the experience you choose to experience and be aware of, and you are most aware.

Akashic Record Heart and Stargates and Blood

Feel me at the core, the ground, in the Akashic Records. (Me:I go there in my imagination and feeling place.)

You are in the multidimensional earth space where records of all life and Earth come together. There are places on earth where 5d and 3D meet and blend. Intention makes that space and eventually it can become a stargate, or gate to the other dimensions. Coding for opening stargates is in your blood. Your blood is becoming crystalline, and it sings like a singing bowl.

A stargate is a portal opening between worlds. There are stargates that open rivers of light, star rivers of light from here to there connecting spaces with you.

It is like the star path or tunnel moves through you as you move through it (a paradox). The path goes through your heart yet you are moving through without a body, as , and your is localized to experience the sense of travel but it is beyond travel to being and existing transitioning from space to space, dimensionally. experiences as this and then as that from this point and then that point of being. You will understand this and it will be such a thrill. Make your blood tone and sing, and in doing so you open the pathways.

We have to create the dimensional portals? No, there will be many and you will find them with your guides. However, you can create them NOW and step through, gateways.

Here, dear Lightworkers are some hints, and take these as code words to release your knowing and remembering:
Sound toning
sacred sites
The stars and your starfriends assist.
Talk to your higher dimensional selves for guidance.
Everything you need is held within you.

Well of course, that makes sense, Gaia.

The opening of portals is keyed to the heart.
The heart is a portal between dimensions it senses both.
Sound is the vehicle between worlds. Sound is a bridge.

Gaia says "I am strong. It is warm in here, in the center of me, this crystal Akashic cave." Find the feeling of your own crystalline akashic cave in your heart center. We are one. I have always been in one form or another and I am undergoing a shift to a new of being as consciousness, just like the apparent change from solid and liquid to solid and gas, to flow and move.

My plasma is electric electromagnetic.

What do you mean dear Gaia? I mean that I have a charge and the charge is changing, getting different dispersed stronger a new way of being. It is crystalline like the vision you saw of your blood. Let me clarify that it is liquid fluid crystalline, not dense and solid, it is like a field of snowflakes ever rearranging in configuration, that is where I am going. yes there is room inside the earth for the extra water now that the crust has shifted. Pay attention energetically to "beneath the surface, or beneath the crust." Be with me, Mother Earth. Sit on my surface and connect to down below to telepathically feel me and communicate.

Is life safe on earth? Life that flows with the changes is safe to continue as this life. All life is ultimately safe as there is no end to life.

What is this ascension, for humans? You are entering through gateways to your new home and the key lies within. From within, it will be expressed from you, i.e. your heart, projected from your heart holographically as an emanation wave form. You will create and are already creating a Utopian Earth as the old Earth is the you know, the template but eventually it will get more creative, or different as you learn you can make it how you want. At first you will recall the most gorgeous places of earth to create then new places will be possible. Place physical, and places that are emotional and vibrate with a feeling of unity and oneness. The movie comes to mind with the ceremony under the tree.

We can create it ourselves? Yes, you already do.

Help me get the feeling of the new earth? Will you Gaia?

In your DNA, Lies the

Laughter as Gaia says it is a co-creation, not to look to me but to your own crystalline heart as the seed lies in your DNA and this seed is what is germinating and bursting forth from you. The Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar has this in this time of the beginning with "seed, germination, and now reaction today on the beginning of the Second Night on this day May 5, 2011."

Okay. The new earth is less densely populated, the old earth was a dream state however you call it real, it is not, and the more advanced among you know that. By "ascending ones," I mean that you humans who know about ascension and lightworkers are advanced. You know who you are and what will happen already. It sings in your blood.

In the new earth you know it is a dream state and you enter as a creator of the dream. You shape it how you like and from the heart. It is a shared dream. less solid and real than what you know now. Because of this, more is possible. Yes, you are in touch with all of you and feel more powerful. Forge those bonds now, right now with your higher selves. Start checking in with them, your higher selves. Communicate with the higher selves and also with the elemental world, with nature, and be sure to appreciate nature. See your levels, your quantum higher selves and the they carry. Different levels of your higher selves experiencing different simultaneous dreams.

Time Acceleration

You are feeling the bleed through of all of them happening at once and that is why it feels like so much is happening at once.On moment is so full. Allow yourself to simplify your focus when you are overwhelmed by sight of all that is happening now and all that could be as well which may overwhelm. It won't do so if you melt into the moment and enjoy it.

How to Communicate with the Higher Self

With these higher selves, enter the dreamspace of the level of each and commune, communicate. Communicate in a way that is hanging out and listening. Be like a still pond or lake that is ready to recieve the impression of movement which ripples down through to your dimension. It is less like a 3D conversation with words that is back and forth and more like hearing the beauty of a bird call in the woods. Receptivity, dear one.

What about when ascension happens?

'A deer in a forest' is what I see.
She is your guide to the gate.
The trees will talk to you and guide you.
Plants too. Make them your allies. Remember your life as a plant, reaching to the sun and rooted deep.
Remember your tree essence.
Water is spirit and you. You are made of her.
Do not poison her. Appreciate and love her as yourself. It is the same with the air and the earth.
And the sun and plasma. The environment. Oxygen.
Give and receive light and air from the trees.
They eat your love and you eat their light.
You can live on light and chlorophyll.
Transmute your blood so it becomes photosynthetic and can make energy from the sun.
Sun gaze. Astrally connect with your higher ones (higher selves in all dimensions).
They envy your density in 3D, your physicality. So enjoy play in this density and not abhor it.
It and you are changing daily. You are becoming your lightbody as you transmute matter.
You are getting lighter. Feel that as lightness in your emotions too as well as the body.
Yes, I know it has been hard and it has for you Gaia.
Oh yes my dear one, but we are helping one another through this and giving to one another.
I will never punish you as you think I might.
Some humans think they will be punished for ruining me.
It is more like instant knowing of the wrongness for what has been, and deep love and protection for earth as you are moving forward.

"They know not what they do. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive all who trespass Gaia and transform them with your light."