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Thursday, 12 May, 2011  (posted 13 May, 2011)

I've written and spoken about this being a very physical year. (Read The Energies of 2011.) Since the on May 3rd  we've been really been hit with transformations as our bodies are moving into the new dimension. (I'll talk more about this and do some processes to help with the transformation in my Monthly Free Teleseminar on May 14th.)  

We've done so much transforming on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level, and now the body is "catching up". The new dimension is "lighter" and any that is still stuck in our body's is now being released. As you know, releasing and old emotional content can be painful. I've cried more in this last week than I have in at least a year! Yikes… 

Almost everyone I've talked to has asked me, "When is this going to end?" It looks like the most intense part has already passed for most of us. Perhaps you felt like you could finally pull your head out of the sand on Monday or Tuesday? Depending on how much you resist the process, this should ease up by May 21st when the Sun enters light and airy Gemini.  


  • If you are feeling exhausted, sleep as much as you can.
  • If you are feeling sadness, hopelessness, shame, anger etc. let yourself feel it. You don't have to figure it out. It is way more effective if you have a witness to your emotional clearing. One person told me that she had been crying for days and it didn't ever lighten up until during her session with me. 
  • If you are in physical pain, try not to get into a panic about it. This too shall pass. I've found that doing the ImagiCreation Breath eases the pain and facilitates sleep. (If you don't know what the ImagiCreation Breath is, read this.)
  • If your digestion is going nuts, (this too shall pass) try giving it a break. Try eating simple food, whatever that means for you and if you are not hungry, don't eat. Talk to your body and ask him/her what he/she needs right now. And lots of water, of course. 

There are a lot of changes going on (no duh!). This morning, when I connected with my future self, she said, "I can't believe I fought these changes for so long?" There was a feeling of relief, a lifting of burdens. And the message I got was to share this with all of you, because this is true for you also. 

Shift is happening, whether we fight it or go with the flow. 

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