By Mashubi
May 19, 2011

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

All souls are receiving the new light that has been planted within the which is now beginning to flower and express itself in a variety of ways. This major forward movement is also being met by energies of opposition that seek to dismantle these new divine templates that are being created for the new Earth.

New lines of light are being established that will allow for a greater infusion of divine light into the physically embodied world. These new energetic pathways are being created not only in social and economic systems but also within groups, relationships and individuals.

One of the ways that disruptive energies can function is through the vulnerabilities or areas of unconsciousness within individuals. It is for this reason that daily anchoring in spiritual reality can be helpful in creating a larger container of light where it is possible to connect with your own inner relationship with God.

This connection can provide the nourishment and stability to reveal what is most true, and to shed light on areas of consciousness that are in of healing. Greater clarity allows you to choose where to focus your attention, which brings freedom from previously entrenched emotional and mental thought patterns.

At the present time what is most important is to understand that a completely new is establishing itself on the Earth which will in time make whole all that has been in need of healing, and which will liberate all previously intractible situations. Love, light and freedom will be made manifest on the Earth, as the presence of God's light on the Earth grows stronger on a daily basis.

Although daily life may appear to be the same as it was, it is not. Although you may feel as though nothing has changed with you, the new light is shining within your body, mind, emotions and consciousness. God's light is present and available to you in new ways. Divine is more accessible, so your own soul's inner wisdom can communicate itself to you. What is important is to ask for divine help and to know that there are new possibilities now for assistance, love and .

We bless your entrance into this new era of God's blessing upon the Earth. Through all difficulties, God's light is present and available for you to receive comfort, love, light and nourishment. With all love and blessings, Amen.