9 May 2011   Channeler:  Selene Aswell

I am Elliot of the Telosian Council for Human Representation.

You see us, Telosians, as we are now– peacefully settled on the other side of our transformation. We have lots of practice being who we are. I will show you how we were before, and in the of, our transformation: we were afraid, ashamed of our mistakes, and unsure of ourselves. We managed to preserve our culture and some of our memory, but what would be become? We witnessed the destruction of our as a direct consequence of our actions, our greed, our self-confidence.

I want you to understand that we were just like you are now. Maybe our was more advanced. Maybe our understanding of the workings of the universe was broader than your's is now, our life span, longer. But you have not had to witness such destruction as we did– thank your ancestors and your idea of Divinity for that. will shock you into awareness quite like the knowledge that your actions caused the sun to black out for hundreds of years, caused people to revert to living in caves, caused to die of forever. Caused a complete shift in the Earth’s entire ecosystem. Our actions had global consequences.

We were so vain. We thought not only that we had the right to control how other people rose in ascension, but that we were justified in fighting over it. We thought our technology would protect us; imagine our horror when we realized our entire continent would sink, millions of our peoples would have no home (we didn’t realize then, still in our vanity, that they would in fact drown). Our entire civilization washed away without a trace. Your scientists cannot find remnants of us because the destruction was that complete. (In the future, perhaps something will be found in the very depths of the ocean).

Try to imagine if you knew that, because of WWII, will sink within 20 years.

Sheer terror would erupt. Disbelief. Denial. Blame would be assigned over and over, perhaps more fighting would ensue. Millions of people would flock to other continents. Still many others would remain, unbelieving, perhaps unwilling to abandon their ancestors.

And imagine if, when that time came, you were caught off . Your scientists had assured you another 5 years to prepare, at least. What if not only Europe sank but also , the Pacific Islands and ? Those countries would not be prepared, perhaps they would have been sheltering refugees. And those of you left to grieve and wonder are also left to deal with the intense aftershocks, the huge geological shifts, catastrophic swings in climate as the Earth finds her equilibrium again. After a few generations have passed, the struggle to just survive has wiped your collective memories, your now “ancient” cultures lost. Your histories don’t remember what happened before the shift, or “the Bad Times” as it is known now. So you all continue to live, with no recollection of the lessons learned by your ancestors, though we whisper warnings you cannot fathom.

Is a lesson forgotten one learned?

So you have walked this road again, warring with each other over trumped up excuses created by those with something to gain. You disregard the impact your choices have on the ecosystems around you; you show pictures of polar bears on your televisions, talk about the growing hills of plastic bottles, you believe your own government would spy on and murder their citizens. . . yet you do nothing.

We understand. There were some of us who felt the war our chosen leaders waged was wrong but, beyond muttered complaints, we, too, did nothing. Are we no less responsible?

I tell you these things not to shame you. Please, let go of shame; it only clouds your judgement. I share this with you to explain that we “enlightened” beings were once exactly where you are now. We honestly do understand, completely. We help you not to show you how awesomely perfect we are, but to model who you are and what you can become.

I understand the vast transition you are in the midst of is scary. You have only dreams to indicate what may be on the other side of it. You are afraid to let go of your patterns, habits, beliefs, ideas, expectations . . . you are being asked to let go of everything and that is scary! We acknowledge your bravery. You have of course witness some destruction, some pain and your leaders have done some things you are not proud of. Yet nothing like the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis. For this, we are very grateful. And we commend you.

You all are beginning to take action, to live as you wish, to be who you really are without needing such a drastic wake up call as we did! Wow! You amaze us, daily. Please trust us. We love you like the little brothers and sisters who show so much more potential then we did.

We will teach you.
We will help you awaken.
We will help you find the path.
We will show you who you are.

Please receive an energy package from us, which will unfold over the next few weeks. The gift will help you release the of fear from the cells of your body, from your neurological pathways, and from your genetic coding. It will open you up to more radical experiences of trust and awe. You will more deeply experience truth. You will be more available to give and receive love. You will more quickly remember who/what you are.

Thank you for your time and willingness to grow.
Look for more messages from us soon,
with Many Blessings of Love,
The Telosian Council for Human Representation