20 May 2011

By LuminanceRiver

Today begins the 3rd Day of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar.

Background: The Third Day(which we went through in 2003 and also previously) is another period of Light. The seed's root system develops and the second set of leaves will be a permanent part of the plant. It is the establishment of the as viable. In human history lies or failed systems are disclosed so that progress is not blocked. The Third Night (2004) is another period of Dark. The seedling set of leaves are dropped from the plant as another set of leaves spring from the top. These are at 90 degrees from the last set. In human history failed systems have been jettisoned, usually by force, during this section.
**end*** from http://www.thewildrose.net/mayan_calendar_implications.html based on Lungold and Calleman's research and ideas.

We are in for a ride in this sprouting of the period we are in! The 9th Wave (which began March 9) stepped us up to a ratcheting up of universal energies. Each 9 (equals one day) and also 18 day (equals a day and night) segment takes us to a new level. We have experienced Day 1 and Night 1, and then Day 2 and Night 2. Our current level is the 3rd day – sprouting. Consciousness is creating very fast. Truth is coming out. That which is hidden is coming to light which is literally what sprouting does. We are peeking through the soil, my friends.

Let me tell you about yesterday's shamanic experience! I had a retrieval journey, and I got some images that relate to this idea of peeking through the soil. I felt myself dropping my story, releasing who I am and imagine myself to be was in notebooks, in written form. The shamanic healer invited me to place my burdens in a basket. I place two notebooks that tell the story of me, who I think I am and who I would tell you I am at any given moment. The story- it is useless and now gone. I am beyond this role I am playing in this lifetime. I also placed a clock representing time as something that is a burden. I invite the feeling of timelessness, of always being immersed in the now, the perfect place and time. I placed two stones, a black and white one, representing duality, in the basket. Duality, time, and my personal story no longer serve me and are burdens at this stage in my evolution.

I jumped into a pond after leaving my burdens which felt very freeing. It was a surrender into the void of myself, no longer having a physical definition. I swam in clear water, and then I found myself in underwater reeds and then, going deeper, at the bottom, examining the murky part which is dark and slimy and icky. It is also scary because I don't know what lies at the bottom of the pond. It was a metaphor for my and our dark side and fear, with a willingness to dive into and explore who I am. On this journey with the shamanic practitioner, who was doing just the same as me. In fact, I sense that my higher selves were working through her as an instrument for my and their healing. She was going into the underworld of me to bring back a quanta of energy, a piece of my soul, and mend it back with the light that I am. Underneath this murky, slimy, dark world was something rich and fertile. In my swimming, I became a frog and ecstatically mated, and then in the murky dark bottom of the pond, laid eggs. What looks unbecoming is really the richest and most fertile place for new life to be born.

Later in the journey, I was given a soul gift of a trowel. A gardening shovel, for excavation of the layers of the self. For turning over the soil, for digging for treasures, for exposing what is underneath, and for finding truth. Archaeology of the soul? Taking off the surface? These ideas came to mind and in conversation with my guide afterward, we both were stunned by the idea of turning over decayed soil which has what is rotted which is now fertile for regrowing. It is like the cycle of life is right there in your hands with you turn over some soil with death and rebirth there in front of you. There are answers to what we seek to know right in nature, right in our dreaming and subconscious, and the answers are non-linear and speak in a new language that transcends the words. I am savoring the wisdom given, and turning it over in the light of the sun for more clarity as the murkiness clears.

Collectively, we have some stuff hiding underneath the layer of spongy algae at the bottom of the pond. Light is reaching down there, and we are called to explore the bottom. We are called to excavate and see that our rebirth comes from uncovering what lies there.

Remember that the background information on the 3rd day says "It is the establishment of the new consciousness as viable. In human history lies or failed systems are disclosed so that progress is not blocked."

This is how I see it, and it is my own experience, yet my experience is a metaphor for what our collective is experiencing and about to go through too, or so I believe.

We have been seeing the underside of humanity, the dark places of decaying . Yes, the ascension of all is to realize that is an illusion, so it "decays." That makes sense and just came to me now! And from the decaying , a new life, a new world, a new healthy being is born whether that be our whole integrated soul as an individual or it be the new as a whole integrated collective of souls. Each time you or I do personal work to courageously excavate our soul, remember who we are, mend our wounds, bring back our fragments, we are also mending the collective. After all, the universe is holographic. What shift in the one is reflected in the whole we are.

I had images of being a frog, being a tadpole, with the whole cycle of life on land and also in water. It is like living in physical and spiritual worlds at the same time, or going back and forth like a frog does. We are both physical and non-physical. Neither is better or worse. There is no judgement as to where we are, or one being better than the other. We are coming to know ourselves as souls, beyond just physical bodies and our stories of who we think we are. In truth, we are much greater than we think we are. We are much more powerful. And something new and beautiful is being born from the decaying matter here at the bottom, the sludge, the dead leaves, the rot. We have been looking at our world while being in compost and judging it, and freaking out about how horrible it is. The root system feeds off what is decaying. All that dies must be reborn. The world that grows from this compost is the bigger and better picture that we could be focusing on, even if the leaves are unseen. The plant is about to come through the surface and sprout. This is huge and amazing, monumental for evolution of consciousness. You can tap into how exciting this is from your higher selves, your whole soul in the non-physical.

At the end of this journey, I found myself held in the arms of . It was inside the root system of a tree, like a cocoon buried inside her. I see us as a family, under the family tree, taking sustenance from the earth and about to be sprouting, reaching for the light and breaking the surface. This place under the tree, in the earth, among the roots, is safe and protected.

While in this safe place, the shamanic healer worked on my chakras, which had released so much as my soul was retrieved and blown back into my body. She invited me to entrain to the rythym of , which felt so nurturing.

We are collectively in the body of Mother Earth, the dark and unknown, the root system, connected to source. It is as if she, Mother Earth, is being born into something new and we are too. We are being born into new beings, more whole beings, beyond physicality. If we need reassurance she is there, and also all of nature is whispering messages. The light is so intense, and reaching down to the bottom of the pond where all that is hidden has to show itself. We are reaching for light and about to emerge and sprout leaves as we have longed for for lifetimes.

I am now in the place of pulling up stakes in the third dimensional world. I mean that I feel buoyancy, a lifting up. I feel like I am coming through the surface of myself, leaving off burdens. The burden is how I perceive the physical world as holding me down. I see it as something I don't care about as much. Not that I don't care about the world, it is really that I don't care about the drama, especially the drama of my character doing her thing. I feel like I am letting go of interactions going a certain way. Agenda isn't there. It just doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what happens in the physical world anymore after all it is a mirage for our learning and evolving, a symbolic experience. I do love, and care about life and people, I just don't care about being a certain way anymore. Does that make sense? It is like becoming a witness to me. It is like disengagement. I was in the emotions and the play being the character. I walked off stage and now am a part of the audience. It feels like knowing myself from a soul's perspective instead of a human-only perspective. Is it like shifting the the soul self who is watching the play, and the play is the human being self. The human being self in the play knows it is a theatrical performance. There is a surrender to however the show comes out tonight, it will be interesting. A feeling of pervasive expansiveness is arising for all of me.

I am the physical, the nonphysical. I am the eternal watcher and experiencer, and I am the mortal physical shell too, the in the drama. I see the whole picture, with a feeling of integration that wasn't there before.

I wrote that the truth is coming out. Collectively that is so, and you see it in the news all the time. The truth is coming out. This other truth is coming out, and it is profound. It is the truth of who you are. It is your wholeness, your soul returning to you. The truth is how magnificent you are. The 3rd day, as we sprout and reach for the light, we will discover this truth, the magnitude and magnificence of who we are, and come to love ourselves and all our facets.