In 1996 Eric Dollard gave a talk about Tesla's Longitudinal Wave at a gathering of HAM radio operators. A video recording of the event has been posted on . As one of the most knowledgeable experts in the world on the topic, such a rare talk is something to pay attention to!


by Hank Mills
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Eric Dollard is an expert on Tesla's technology that utilized longitudinal waves to transmit energy and information. He dedicated long periods of his life to understanding and replicating Tesla's work. In return for all his hard work, various groups in destroyed his lab and equipment. Although today Eric Dollard rarely communicates with the public, there are a few recordings of his talks floating around the internet. Here is one of them! 

Part 1 of 6

* First attempt to overcome distance by electrical means started in the 18th century.

* Tesla was more interested in wireless power than wireless information.

* Tesla had far different results than or Marconi.

* Amateur radio was given the worthless frequencies above 1500 kilocycles.

* In all likelihood Tesla's technology is lost forever.

* Pure electrostatic communication can work. Pure magnetic does not work.

* Tesla found that by taking two resonant coils he could produce electrical power at the other end.

* Tesla discovered he could transmit longitudinal waves in the Earth at speeds faster than the speed of light.

* Tesla could send energy through the air in a beam.

* We ended up with a system that is limited to sending signals at lower than the speed of light.

* The longitudinal system is one in which the electrostatic and magnetic lines of force are directed in the same direction.

* The Hertzian system produces transverse waves in which the electrostatic and magnetic lines of force are at right angles. This produces huge losses.

Part 2 of 6

* Tesla used impulses instead of sine waves.

* He presents a of the Tesla transmission system.

* The antenna does not radiate conventional waves.

* The antenna is pumping displacement current into the Earth.

* The light bulb is a Tesla beam tube that transmits direct current into space.

* He was able to use a more powerful system to transmit from to .

Part 3 of 6

* The longitudinal wave is the wave of Tesla.

* The Hertz or transverse wave is what we use today.

* Eric demonstrates an artificial transmission line.

* The line consists of a long series of capacitors and coils.

* The transmission line is 1500 meters long electrically.

* Using one wire is the key to Tesla.

* Tesla developed true mono-polar .

* In transverse mode the propagation of the transmission line is slower than the speed of light.

* In longitudinal mode the propagation of the transmission line is faster than the speed of light.

* Tesla was capable of transmitting electrical power over long distances.

Part 4 of 6

* Chris Carson demonstrates transverse and longitudinal waves.

* Cells (biological) use longitudinal waves to communicate.

* The concept of Aether was banned during the time of Einstein.

* He describes a ball bearing motor.

* There is a discussion of transformer theory.

Part 5 of 6

* Chris claims no flux lines cut the wires of a secondary coil in a transformer.

* He demonstrates a dielectric induction machine.

* He demonstrates an electrostatic motor.

* Eric Dollard states the sun does not transmit any transverse electromagnetic energy.

* When the longitudinal waves hit surfaces it converts the longitudinal waves to transverse waves.

* The space shuttle uses diffraction gratings on the windows to convert the longitudinal waves into transverse waves.

* Tesla claimed over and over again that he was not transmitting electromagnetic waves.

* Electrons have nothing to do with electricity.

* Electrons are the rate at which electricity is destroyed.

Part 6 of 6

* A "Question and Answer" session takes place.

* Eric Dollard describes how his lab was destroyed.

* He mentions a group called Commonweal was behind the destruction of his lab.

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