1 May 2011  

Channeler:  Natalie Sian Glasson

by Master Serapis Bey

Channelled through -01/05/11

Every human being upon the appears to hold the of fear within their being and consciousness; it is an which they have chosen to accept and use in their realities. Fear is a powerful and is placed among other potent energies or emotions such as love. Fear is an emotional and mental reaction to the unknown, when we are uncertain of our future, current situations or reality we can create the feelings, thoughts and emotions of fear. We can experience fear in numerous ways whether on a small or large scale, sometimes it only lowers our mood while other times it stops us still in our realities, hindering our natural flow and growth. To be fearful is seen by those in existence on the Earth as a natural experience and reaction, currently it is natural but it wasn't always this way.

When you existing the spiritual planes you experience the present moment at all times, every moment is important, with this understanding and view of your reality you create a positive flowing existence where you are aware completely of each aspect of your reality. There isn't a need to look to the past nor is there a need to look to the future because the present moment is where you will find your truth, energies and experiences. Upon arrival into the civilization of the Earth, this existence would have altered slightly. Due to preservation of your entire being and physical body there was a greater need to look into the future to plan, to ensure that you maintained a healthy life style for yourself. This shift was only slight but this was when fear was first experienced as to exist in the present you feel secure, supported and at peace, to look into the future you would have seen endless possibilities, developing a feeling of lack of support or security. The feeling was of stepping into the unknown, a greater trust was required in the 's soul and will. When you exist on the spiritual planes in the present at all times you are allowing yourself to create your reality in every moment. The presence of the Earth and your physical body changed your natural way of existence as creation was a slower process on the physical planes and the physical body constantly required nourishment. The presence of fear began to grow as a habit of continuing to look forward or into the future developed. This was the birth of fear, a simple reaction to the unknown and feelings of insecurity or being unsupported. This is of course a false view that humans adopted because of the alteration of their from a quick vibration to a slower vibration. The feelings of insecurity and lack of support were only born from a deep sense within of a disconnection with the Creator. For many it was as if they had been bathing in the glorious sun and then had been moved to an area of shade where they could still see the sun but couldn't feel its glorious warm with such powerful presence. The shift of moving from the spiritual planes to the Earth was only slight but those experiencing the shift developed a tremendous change in their thought process and natural existence.

Even now upon the Earth the presence of fear is very powerful and is often coupled with the feeling of the unknown. The consciousness that many experiences are new and unfamiliar can develop fear as well as the beliefs that many experiences are indefinite or unidentifiable. Each day you enter into your unknown reality where all potentials are possible, your reality is yours to create as you wish and this can create a tremendous amount of pressure. The ability of living contently in the present seems to be dissolving while the focus upon the uncertain and unfamiliar future before you is growing into a powerful energy labeled fear.

Allow yourself to be aware of when you feel fearful and to recognize the true reason that you are feeling fearful. It will most probably be that you are feeling uncertain of yourself or your reality, unsure of what to do or what will occur. Fear often develops when we feel as if we cannot take control of our reality. It is important to come to terms with the fact that the physical reality upon the Earth may always have an element of uncertainty because of the wonderful and bountiful possibilities that lie before you. When you accept this you are able to acknowledge the presence and reason for fears. It is also important to realize that fear only brings forward illusions. Even the thoughts and feelings that you are unsupported and that your reality is insecure is an illusion because you must always remember that you have the presence of the Creator within and around you, guiding you at all times. The fact that you may not feel as if you are in the blazing sun of the Creator anymore but exist in the shade, is also an illusion because you will remain and always are connected to the Creator, it is just that the slower vibration that surrounds you makes this harder to detect.

The presence of fear is created by your unknown future but there is also a fear that has developed because of the unknown you. In your current reality you may be aware of your true self and your existence beyond your physical reality but there remains a feeling of incomplete understanding of oneself and purpose on the Earth. It is to understand, realize and face up to the truth of your being that can create the most fear. Realizing your truth can be your greatest desire and passion but sometimes there can be a feeling of self hindrance in this matter as again there is an uncertainty of what will be dissolved. Your inner most energies and self is so familiar to you and yet you have forgot the feeling of familiarity and resulting in your most sacred energies feeling so disconnected and separate from your being. Many cannot remember as yet their true self and reality, this coupled with the thought of the power and wisdom that they may hold can create tremendous fear. As in many situations there is a moment of uncertainty when you take one step forward and you are unsure of the place in which your foot may land. At this point in your reality the energy of the Creator may be unknown or unfamiliar to you, it is this that can build a fear, but if you recognize that this is only an illusion then you are able to make peace with this, allowing yourself to exist in a state of contentment. You can remind yourself that in the present you may not know or understand yourself or the Creator as you have in the past but this doesn't mean that the energy of fear must be created, because the support and security that you crave is with you always, within and around you.

Know that in your reality and spiritual path has the potential of being unknown or unfamiliar to you at first but that this is an illusion that creates fear. With this acceptance you will find that you are able to dissolve the presence of fear and realize your life as an exciting array of potentials and creation. Remember that truthfully on the Earth, within you and the presence of the Creator is all familiar to you and so there is no need for the presence of fear.

Most often fear and the feeling of the unknown manifests from a slight disconnection with the Creator. Connection and alignment with the Creator is essential at all times of your reality on the Earth, this is to be aware of the presence of the Creator. Many people can feel low in energy or fearful because they do not allow themselves to be connected or aware of the Creator throughout their days, this is usually because of a fear of the unknown. They fear discovering the presence of the Creator, the alterations that may occur and the power they may accept. It is through connection with the Creator that you will find true happiness and joy as well as the presence of love, security and certainty. The feeling of the unknown is actually a feeling of not connecting with the wisdom and knowledge within us. We see our reality as unfamiliar because we are not aligned with the natural tools that we have within to guide and assist us on this Earth.

When you think that you do not know anything spiritually and do not hold any abilities or tools to guide you, essentially that you are helpless, then you are entering into a state of mind that is delusional which will only bring fear. To know and trust in your heart that you have all the powers, love, wisdom and tools within you and are always connected to and guided by the Creator will dissolve many barriers that you may have created for yourself and allow you to exist in peace and happiness, moving beyond fear. Allow yourself to adopt the view point that everything in known and familiar to you and you hold the tools to move through all experiences and situations in your reality, supported by the light and love of the Creator.

You may wonder why I have bought forward this communication concerning humanity's fears of the unknown but there are many glorious reasons for this. The first is that when you are aware of it you begin to realize that many people are fearful or reaction in a negative fashion to certain circumstances because they feel uncertain, insecure or are scared of what will occur to them or their reality. They do not hold their own power or belief that they have the ability to create the reality that they desire and so draw upon fear as a reaction to create barriers and therefore protect themselves. I ask that you be aware of this within yourself, your physical reality and spiritual paths. Remember that fear can manifest in many ways. I also wish for you to be observant of this in your friends, loved ones and those who you meet, with this realization send your love and ask for them to find their connection with the Creator. You may begin to see the presence of fear as a reaction of many people because the world as you know it is changing but also the need to look within and to connect with the Creator is becoming more necessary. The prospect of change, searching and discovering yourself as well as surrendering to the Creator will bring thoughts of entering into the unknown and the unfamiliar. Those who are aware of what is occurring now need to share their love and compassion with those who are fearful of entering into the unknown. Reassurance is needed that the unknown is actually the familiar and the reality that many have been living on the Earth is actually the unknown. The energy of the Creator is the most familiar energy to you of all; this is the same for all of humanity. The task that I ask of you is to recognize the fears that you and others create attached to the illusion of the unknown and to express your love and compassion so that all may move through this valuable lesson and exist within the loving heart of the Creator once more.

I am here to love, support and guide you, whenever you wish me to simply ask me to draw close to you.

With love,

Master Serapis Bey

Master Serapis Bey has also channeled a meditation to accompany this communication. The meditation assists you in overcoming fear of the Unknown energies around and within you.