24 May 2011
By First Contact PREDRAG


starts with a thought. more and less.

To start contemplating where everything begins, we simply have to close our eyes and look within. Look within your own . Accepting without fears and doubts what is coming upon us as species and galactic beings.

This experiment is coming to its conclusion. It is easy for me to write these words while looking on our life on as an Experiment, knowing that this will eventually cease to exist. Not because it will be destroyed, but because it will evolve. We will evolve from physical only creatures to fully conciseness beings in unison with Nature and . We will evolve to realize that we are now Glacto-beings, and not only Human beings.

There is only one small thought that we have to recognize and act upon. We have to ask following questions to our inner self and our higher self. After asking all of these questions to your inner self and when answered directly from your heart, you will feel freer of all fear, and be able to truly close your 3D eyes and open your Mind and Heart eyes.

What would you do if no more taxes are imposed on you?
Why do you have to pay simply to exist and live here on ?
Why do you have to pay for water, for fruit, pay for air, pay for light, for , pay to sleep safely and to have cover over your lovely head?
Why do you have to pay for your health and your medicine?
Why do you have to pay anything to anyone, just to be alive?
Why do you have to give to others full control of your own life’s as soon you have been born?
Why do you have to take it all for granted, all that you have been served through media, government, school or family?
Why do you have to believe that your politicians are on power to serve only you?
Why do you simply decide to ignore any polices and information’s from your governments and search for the answers within, recognizing the truth coming from your own heart.

First Contact has already happened, but we are not aware that it was during our creation.

With this simple view within your own heart, you will fully evolve:

From physical to spiritual beings;
From disconnected to fully conciseness beings;
From dualistic to beings.

First Contact with Galactic Beings has already happened, and our senses become aware more and more. Is it through your dreams or visions, or through social networks on Internet, or through inspirational work you do at this moment.

There is no agenda in this first contact beside that our Galactic Brothers and Sisters wants us full conciseness when this First Contact physically start to unfold.

All governments will be set to act as one when presence of existing and financial slavery stop to exists, and new one become fully functional.
All major governments will simultaneously announce existence and contact with benevolent Galactic Beings and disclose their spiritual and technological help.


This is our First Contact – with real Love,

– with Love within,

– with your true self,

– with your inner self and your higher self.

This first contact will happen for some of us gradually and for some instantly, when we start seeing more that we merely see in the mirror. When we start looking within our heart, we will sense that this picture of life is somehow distorted and with a lot of holes.


If you wait only for point when these Galactic beings fully announce their presence among us through governments and revile their ships to our naked eye, at this moment your will have realization, deep down within your heart that you had this contact for quite some time.


Remove all your shyness and fears, share these thoughts and feelings with your children, father, friend. Do no be afraid of judgment, as it will not be there. They all have the same inner feeling that what you shared with them is sole truth. They know that you are sharing inner feeling of oneness. Called Love.

Do not act shy to look really deep in the darkness of your being to find out there is a light only, so bright that it kept you afraid to loose your vision if you look with your physical eyes only.

There will be not too many human souls who will act as surprised and revolted that governments did not disclose these details to them earlier. Some 60 years earlier. They would not even consider that they would not be able to see or feel these Galactic beings even if they stand in front of them in physical form.


Ask yourself this rhetorical question: If you have only two choices which one you will allow in your mind?

Scenario #1: Lets consider that you have definite proof that ET's are among us and that are coming very soon to introduce their self, would you share this great news with family and world, knowing there is slight possibility of ridicule, insults or worse, pure ignorance? Would you share your knowledge and feelings of love with your fellow humans?

Scenario #2: But, if you heard gossip, very suspicious gossip on media that our had an affair in elevator of New World Trade Center on 66th floor with he/she reptilian et, Would you share it with your friends or enemies humans, even knowing that your actions of comments are harmful to President ?

Keep the answer for your own soul.


As soon you realize that you do not remember things, which do not resonate within you heart as true, you already had FIRST CONTACT with our Brothers and Sisters from Galaxies all over.

You will embrace them with joy and Love as your heart will resonate and feel their Love and Light.

This Experiment is coming to its fruition and final conclusion, and it is bringing ahead the most beautiful times on this 3D density.

Can you dare to imagine what is upon us as beings with 12 DNA strains in very near future?

I definitely can. And I dare. And I am so certain this is not even a tip of the iceberg what else is not imaginable with this present state of conciseness [or unconsciousness]. I am definitely not afraid of opening my imagination. And as more I am imagining, I realize how much I am still quite closed.

If you simply imagine your visual senses get combined with couple of newly discovered senses [that I cannot even word it yet] and you suddenly see 360° around without opening your eyes, you see by feeling, you see with your own soul, you feel other intentions even before they verbalize it with sound of words. Imagine that you see 360° in any direction, without limit of a distance. You see center of Milky Way only with your own heart eye.


Just Imagine a beauty of existence when you actually do not understand words like "fear, anger, justice, jealousy, greed, lack" any longer.

Just Imagine power of our soul as ultimate creator of our own realities.

Just Imagine how powerful we are as creators, if we were capable to produce all this around us using 3D only, within couple of lifetimes.


Just Imagine that you are part of something so grandiose in creation, that it cannot be fitted in your 3D mind, or your 3D body, or your 3D country, or even your 3D galaxy.

But it can be simply placed in ones Heart. Through Love. Where Love expands you only within, and it does not care for size of your body or even size of your wallet. Especially wallet, as it does not even understand the word "wallet".


As James said " Love given is never lost".


So in this new existence, Love is the only creator. Always was. Love from your souls heart.

Where all this beautiful eternal love coming down on Mother Earth created by our God Creator cannot be destructed, it can only be directed to the right place to brighten our path.


What we create from Love is indestructible and eternal. Everything else is prone to disappearance, especially when exposed to Light of Love.

We are part of FatherMotherGod's creative multiverse where

Light Is,

Love Is,

God IS.