Channeler:  Cari Eden Kindl

While out of I experienced a of light like a nuclear explosion of intense white light and what looked like fire but did not burn. It was a wave of and intelligence that washed over me. Suddenly I was standing on some kind of platform looking over a field of grass and flowers in this brilliantly bright white light. I knew that I had transmuted and entered another realm. I was lucid and knew that it was my creation.

The changes in our solar system and to our earth correspond with the concentric waves of that radiate from the center of the galaxy. Jupiter's heat signature has increased 1000 %, Mars has grown an atmosphere with clouds in just the last few years. circles reveal that December 21 2012 there will be a change in the DNA of all life forms on the . This event also corresponds with earth's 26,000 year cycle suggesting that we are all moving to the next octave of . speaks about this:

"When transmutation occurs, creatures like animals and plants may appear to be dead, but what happens to the human body will actually be alchemical transmutation. So it's not as though there's going to be all these fried corpses lying around. When the energy hits you, you transform. Your body will actually transmute itself.

There is a parallel in the Shroud of Turin, where certain researchers have found that Jesus' body burned a complete three-dimensional image of itself into the cloth. And they found through experimentation that such a burn could only be caused by an instantaneous blast at a very high temperature, ''zapping'' the cloth like an X-ray film.

The basic date for the ''shift'' corresponds to the – December 2012.
Ra makes the suggestion that the Mayan Calendar was given to the Mayans by high-level sixth-density extraterrestrials so that they would have a tool with which to time the passage of these cycles. It's a good thing to know how these cycles work, because they are tied in with history (see Ra article).

The only thing that matters is how much Love you are willing to share.

It would be so easy to miss this fantastic opportunity to participate in the evolution that is happening here and now on our planet.

The media is bent on creating a reality where our happiness is contingent on the acquisition of new products. We seek the best jobs and the highest status as we succumb to the mass illusions of ''consensus reality'' and ''winning the game.''

Each of us has the choice to create our lives so that we may participate in the Utopian world that will manifest on Earth after this process has completed – a world without poverty, hunger or pain; a world where full-body levitation, spontaneous healings, instant telepathic communication, and abundant Love are the law of the land.

This is the world that Jesus promised us in John 14:12, when he said, ''As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things.''

It comes back to question: What are you going to hold onto? You have to leave behind the physical life in order to participate in the Ascension. You have to be willing to move into a life that is spiritual. You have to be willing to give up the things that you once thought were important – your car, your material effects, your earthly status, your earthly fame and power – because you're basically only going to take yourself.

You can't bring anything with you. No money, no credit cards, no gold coins.

When you leave your body and move into these higher realms of consciousness, all of those earthly things will be meaningless. When you get out of this world without these braces, guess what? Your memory will be your sole companion.
And then you will realize that the only thing that ever mattered was how much love you were willing to share while you were incarnated on Earth."

If our science and the messages from the crop circle makers and our own instincts are right what is about to happen is far beyond space ships, meeting aliens, channeled messages, money systems, free food and clean water or anti gravity cars. The time is coming where we will exist as pure spirit and it is only a year and a half away. Whether this predictable cyclic upgrade happens on this date or not, after my experience, I know that there is no death and EYE am the creator.