: Lou James

25 May 2011
Greetings children.


I am Gaia and I am the mother that has nourished you and spoken with you and cradled you in your sleep. I am the one that has brushed the moonbeams upon the foreheads of many of you. I am the one that speaks to you in many dreams and vibrational shifts. I am Gaia and I speak.

I speak to you because there are many that have wondered about that which is occurring in your land over the last year.
The last years have indeed been shall we say of ‘vibrational shift&; and have been expected and unexpected. I am one who will not remain still, I move, I am growing, I am expanding I am bringing into this realm that you call earth, a move and a time of being in this of change. Yes, you have felt it. Yes, you have been aware of many vibrational shifts in the earth realm. Many have spoken of the shifts of earth, how there is a shift occurring in this realm and in that realm. I would say to you do not forget them, for now is not the time to sit back and say all is well.

For while it is well, there are still many growths to go through, many steps to step upon and many ladders to climb, and yet, I tell you that there are many places for you to rest and to allow that which is in your expansiveness to grow and to manifest itself in great wealth, in great happiness and joy.

My and my plant life and trees will all be amongst you to nourish you. To give to you that which you need and as you sow within my soils I will give back to you what it is that you have planted. All I ask is that when you plant you rejoice. All I ask is that when you reap you rejoice and that you give back a little.

I am Gaia, I am not that which is the taker of life, I do not come with thunderous voice and rip you from that which is all you have known; but I will send my messengers and I will waken and I will tremble and I will cause you to waken and I will cause you to tremble if you do not respond to that which is the quietness of my times and the quietness of my voice. Understand, as I have said before, you are nothing more in many ways than a complex orchard of many trees. Some trees are old and wizened and have become stuck and refuse to grow anymore and refuse to change and alter as time moves on. The fluidity of my through your roots and many of you have remained young and allowed the sap to be the youthfulness of your life taking from me that which you need and been able to allow others to receive from you.

I have invited you to come and gather around that which is the warmth of my arms, the warmth of my fires, the warmth of my words, the warmth of my groupings, my peoples, my caves, my coverings and yet many of you have walked past them and you have shunned. But still I love you, still I nourish you and still I look after you.

Today there has been shall we say a shift (referring to the , NZ tornado) and yes one was hurt two were taken many were bruised. Many blame, “it was the hand of god, it was just fate, it was nature at its worst”. No you have not seen nature at its worst, you have just seen a slight sneeze. But understand that all I portray, in all that I show you, in one hand there may be great destruction and yet in the another way there is great beauty and great rest and great peace. Why do I have the dichotomy, why do I have the duality why do I show you one-way and then another? Because this is your life, human, beloved child, this is you.
One minute you are angry and you raise your fist and you raise your voice and you raise your vibration against all that is coming to you and you say “NO, I AM NOT WANTING THIS!” “NO, THIS IS NOT FAIR”. Then you turn round in the next breath and you say but I receive this, and I take that. I say but if you take one, you must accept the other for you cannot have an imbalance.

For in me there is no imbalance. There is as you know in your linearity sun and there is dark, and so you call it day and night. I call it cycle it is my turning it is how I am; I bring you both covering and exposure. Why? To show that you are in a place of great change and great, great growth. You are in an expansion; you are in the moment of change.
Many of you have been seeking the next doorway, many of you have been seeking the next step, many of you have been asking ‘what now’, ‘where to’, ‘who with’ ‘why’?
I say you are the one, you are the one dear child that has woken up, that has tossed the bedclothes off the bed and you are still lying in the bed debating whether to jump off or not or whether to place the bedclothes back over.
I will make that bed as uncomfortable as I can, to remind you that you are not a little seed anymore. You are not a little acorn, you are not a sapling but you are a young tree. You are a tree that is worthy of providing shade and nourishment for those that come near you. Does this mean that you allow all of your life force to be drained from you? No, this is not what I mean, for we know this is not helpful not only for yourself but for those that would come and share with you. But in co-creation there is much power and much unity and from this there can be community.

Let us look at the Oak Tree. Let us look at the intricacies, for its roots are home to many, stoats, rabbits, although they may be mortal enemies in your world, they have learnt at times to live side by side. Let us look to the branches, there you have many things, you have trees that are growing within the oak tree, you have ferns and different mosses, you have bird life and you have insect life. You have these that burrow deep into the very bark of the tree and make their home within the hollows. So there is coverings and there is feeding, but never to the point where they totally destroy that which is their provision.
So you have the community, for the tree will take from me and I will nourish it, it takes from the air of the universe and is nourished and in that nourishing it is able to provide what is needed in the circumstances it finds itself in. Does it feel victimised; does it feel used, does it feel that it is not fair that it is the only tree around that has all this business in itself? No, it knows its place it knows that it is there to provide nourishment.
Then along comes the human and what does it see? The human does not see the community, the human does not see the nourishment and the life the human sees “ah this is wood this is something I can break and destroy and I can create my own thing”. It does not ask permission, does not say to the tree nor to me “may I yet ask you to release yourself that I may find your bark, your stem, your trunk, to provide a covering for myself.”
Do you know that if you ask you would be given, you would be shown perhaps not the young trees that are only 10 or 15 or 20 years of age still with many years of life within them. I would direct you to trees that are ancient, ready to release themselves, ready to fall, not rotten, not to the point where you are unable to use them but matured to the point that they are ready to be recycled if you wish to use. Ready to move onto the next shift or expression of their life where you can use them and turn them into the works of art that some of you do.

And this is the Story of Humanity. There are many of you that are the oak trees providing much for that which is around you and then there comes one, who will destroy that which it sees. But the reason that one is destroying or destroys the one it sees in community is because the one in community does not recognise that it is faced with the energy of destruction. How does one recognise the energy of destruction? One is aware, one is aware of that which is within ones own self. One is able to discern. When a tree realises that there is a borer that is boring into it, to destroy it at the root system, it sends out within its sap to destroy that which is harming it.
Just like many insects of mine will send out signals to other insects or birdlife or animal life that says do not eat me I am not pleasant. This, my friends, is a lesson that humans need to learn; they need to learn that which is called discernment.
Discernment of energy, this is your next step.
This is where you step into the knowing of self-awareness. Coming into the place of knowledge of self where you recognise what is around you, what you may live in community with and what you should eject from yourself. Others have placed a wording ‘what serves’ ‘what builds’, and if there is that which you can utilise within community to assist you to build to create that which you know is the best and highest for self and that which is around you, then utilise this.

Bring it into community with you and if there is that which comes and is abrasive and harsh do not try and file this down, because that is sent to you, not to show you how abrasiveness works but for you to recognise what serves you and what does not and it is easy to release one from that self abrasive energy by choice; all you need to do is recognise how to let go.
Does one clasp a prickly hedgehog to ones bosom and think that this is the most precious thing that you can do? Or does one gently, in your human way, adorn ones hands and body with protective wear to pick it up, that you may not be harmed, by its outer covering, yes? And yet if you were to see the very inside of its belly you would see how soft the downing is, how gentle it is with its own, and therein again is the discernment for there may be some that come to you that are all prickles on the outside but when you catch them unawares you see them open up and there is the softness.
That is what you are sent in community with, to find that softness and to take that softness and show that particular hedgehog how to bring the softness to the outer of itself.

Understand that there are many ‘energies’ that will come your way, in human form and non-human form. It is up to you my dear human orchard to discern as the wind blows through you; “is this of service to me or not?” “May I bring this into community within my orchard, within my realm, within my energy or must I release it and let it blow through.” It is not always wrong to let it blow through for what does not serve you may serve yet another. Not all things are sent to you or come across your path because it is so, sometimes it is just sent to see if you let it blow through.

Dear ones, jump off the bed don’t let me shake it anymore. Become aware, waken, be responsive to that which is around you and do not fear my great shows of handiwork. Understand that if there is damage for a purpose, not because I wish and will harm, those that transitioned had previously agreed, they sit here and here, (to Heather) you might feel their energy. They are not angry neither are they upset, the ones that were wounded they will recover, it is just flesh. You may feel that I have been a little hard, think of how many around the world of your globe have suffered so much more at the hand of cataclysmic events and understand that most of this has come about not because my doing but because of the intent of the people, because where mass consciousness is and the density of that which is there, if they will not let me be as I must be, I will move as I need to move to release the energy that is within the vicinity stuck.

Your land () has not stopped shaking, nor will it stop receiving much within its realms. I will not send another big shake for a while, but there will be smaller shakes throughout your land as there always has been and some will be larger but not destructive. It is up to you my friends, my dear orchard, my dear humans, my children it is up to you to be in a place of connection not only with myself but in community to bring in that which is the energy of release, the energy of clearing, the energy of life, of balance, because where there is this balance where there is the way of being of release of energy then I am able to take that which is stuck and release it much easier because you have already begun that which is needing to be done.

I am Gaia I am the mother, I have nourished you and I have fed you, I have clothed you, I have watched over you and I will continue to do so.

Go well my children, bear fruit and sow many orchards of your own.

I am Gaia.