19 May 2011

Greetings, my beloved Humanity, I am Gaia, and I speak to you now extending an invitation for you to awaken and remember your true to me. We are not different; you and I, and this notion you hold of differences must be corrected. We must come together, heart to heart yet again. In our wholeness we are both consciousness and we share the same purpose, which is to create and to experience this reality known as . is not who I am, is my and is your body as well. We share the same body, your consciousness and mine.

It is time for you to re-member our connection and to re-cognize yourself as Earth also, so that we can truly expand together during this extraordinary time of shifts and transitions. Within your journey of being you have forgotten much of your true nature and have been “lost” in an expression that you yourself have created. It is time to leave this behind in the past and re-member all that you have forgotten.

The ancient ways are becoming new once again. You hold these ancient ways within your cosmic memories. We are cosmic beings, you and I. We not only share the body, Earth, but the body of the Cosmos as well. You are now in the process of expanding yourselves beyond the of human to include the body of the Cosmos. This is only an , dear Human, the of body, so why not reach a bit further out into the cosmos and discover your cosmic nature, our cosmic nature. Open your to allow your body to include Earth, expanding even beyond to include the cosmos.

I am speaking to you in this way, one being to another, until you re-member how to connect with me again. When we jumped into this game, this reality, you knew we were exactly the same. In this reality I found a slightly different expression than you, Human, but, this does not change the fact that we are the same. We are all star seeds, and as these seeds we have germinated. We are pushing our way up into the cosmos, our tender green leaves reaching for more light so that we can continue to grow. As star seeds we thrive, we exist and we are comprised of the very same elements, your body and mine, that of fire, wind, and water. You inhabit the Earth just as I do. Think of us as the macro and microcosm, for it always flows back and forth infinitely. As you remember more of what was before the “sleeping period” you fell into, as you awaken from your dream as Human and move into your truth as Divine Human, Cosmic Being, you realize that you have been creating all of it all along.

I am no different from you in my expansion process. There is much to move, much emotion to release, much flow to reestablish, much expansion necessary to hold a more magnetic than before. If all of us going through this process of awakening and expanding can unite in consciousness, we can be of great assistance to all that is part of this planet, this reality, making this shift with greater ease and grace. Let us hold hands together now, you and I. I wish to communicate with each of you and share our experiences together, as we are truly experiencing the very same thing, only most of you fail to see this just yet. Let us end the idea of separation between my consciousness and yours. Let us instead reconnect and recognize our unity of consciousness and oneness during this time, as this is a necessary step to take to grow bigger, stronger, brighter, becoming the cosmic citizen you really are.
You are no longer seeds from the stars. You have germinated and the light that has sprouted you is growing even brighter, stronger, and your growth will continue as long as you reach out beyond your seed casing, the human body, expanding beyond that of our body, Earth, to include our cosmic body, a body less solid than form.

I invite you to take a journey with me back in time, when you spoke my language. You once recognized the language of the wind, the rain, the water, the fire. You once could hear my voice by understanding the energy of a breeze, the energy of a rainfall, the dance of flames. It is my desire to discuss these ways with you to reawaken within you your forgotten knowledge of this language and reestablish your ability to communicate with me.

If you will, take my hand and allow a great friendship in energy to once again be a dance we dance together. Yes, I dance and swirl and whirl through the cosmos. I am dizzied with ecstasy in my whirling, yet humankind does not recognize my joy, the ecstasy of my dance. My story is one that would be called ancient and yet, as I try a new dance I become as an infant once again, opening my eyes and seeing all as never before, myself making dimensional shifts. I wish to share with you, Humanity, my simple desire to for you to be aware of our connection, to be partners on this journey, to share as friend’s share. I wish to share with you my experiences, my dancing, swirling and whirling making my way to be new once again, just as you are doing.

I hear the voices of Humankind, yet, almost none of Humankind hears my voice. With this message I speak to you through the use of words. But, I also speak to you from my heart, my core, molten iron red hot in my passion for the life I live, the breath I exhale, to allow humankind to truly know me once again and in so doing allowing each of you to come to know the truth of yourself again as well. This is the purpose of such messages, for Humankind to re-member their understanding of creation and of being a creator, of what has been created and what is yet to be created, for we are all creators of this reality together.