Waiting can seem agonizing when you are desperate to experience what it is you are waiting for.  This agony can be relieved if you learn to trust that what you are waiting for will occur at precisely the right for the benefits of its happening to be maximal for all those who are waiting.  While you wait with great hope and , make a point of accepting the as being a perfect preparation for that moment.

Humanity’s awakening from the illusion into full consciousness is one such moment, and for those of you stirring towards wakefulness your enthusiasm and expectation is enormous and with very good reason – God has promised you eternal bliss, and you know that He always delivers abundantly on His promises.

While you wait, therefore, please focus on that fact.  There will be no disappointments because you are the beloved to whom all has been given, and your awakening into the reality of this truth will not be prevented or delayed.  God’s Will is never prevented or delayed; it is achieved perfectly because it is His Will.  Your doubts and fears about this are part of the illusion you built.  Since the moment of you are one with Him in the divine field of love, in which all of exists, in the eternal ecstatic “now” that is the expression of His Love.

You built and continue to maintain the illusion to hide from Him.  Into that illusion crept fear — your fear of His and disapproval.  He loves you as only He can, and that Love is eternal and unchanging.  He created you free and you remain free because love demands nothing.  It gives itself freely and abundantly for all eternity.  But you built the illusion to play in, to hide from your Father, and in fact to exclude Him so that you could prove that you had no need of Him. That of course was a rejection of His Love, and because you are free and infinitely loved He accepted your rejection, but remains eternally present to embrace you when you change your mind, as you most definitely will.  You will never be judged or punished.  He has only Love for you, offered to you in every moment.  All you have to do is accept what He offers.

As a result of building the illusion and rejecting His Love you feel shame, guilt, and fear, because to reject His infinite Love for you was insane, and you know that. Yet in the illusion those sentiments do seem valid, because you experience them continually as you project them on to one another, and judge each other as inadequate, wrong, sinful, and evil.  You have filled the illusion with judgment, whereas Reality is filled with loving acceptance, and so there is no point at which they can meet.

To awaken and return home you must release judgment because it is incompatible with forgiveness and acceptance.  Love is all-encompassing and cannot support judgment, condemnation or blame of any kind because it is unconditionally accepting of all.  Until you release the intense need you have to judge and to be right the infinite Light of God’s Love will terrify you, even though deep within yourself you want only that Love.  While you continue to judge and support judgment of right and wrong, good and evil, Love — God’s divine Love — will terrify you because it is without judgment, and you are not.  That is a state of complete incompatibility, so release that formidable block and forgive yourself for the error of embracing it.  Your terror, and the illusion that contains it, will dissolve and you will awaken in intense joy into Reality — the brilliant Light of God’s Love for you.

With so very much love, Saul.