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Posted By: Daystar [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 3-May-2011 08:02:09


A friend wrote me this morning concerning and his supposed death. She was telling me how painful it has been watching the . I responded saying I felt the same way.The deception and the ridiculousness of the whole thing is disgusting….and at times laughable.

She made another comment though that I thought was interesting. I have always observed and "felt" that the timing of all our disastrous events is unnatural. These events come at us in rapid fire succession and at other times they seemed spaced artificially. It's difficult to explain. While I have been noticing this for a while, I had not really noticed my friend's point… that when these events happen, they never seem to overlap. The tornadoes were on a different day from the Royal Wedding. The supposed killing of Osama also is standing on its own. All these "events" are separated from each other…most likely so the process can be properly instituted.

Notice the repetition in the news…especially about Osama. Repetition…over and over is a known psychological tactic. Once they feel their message has gotten into the psyche of the public, then they can move on. If the events overlapped, the media couldn't produce the same brainwashing effect.

I feel that more effort should be put out to teach people conditioning methods and controlled opposition tactics. If we understand the basics of psychological warfare then it can't be used against us.

The problem with trying to educate those who are completely oblivious to the almost total media deception…is that they are very unlikely to run across a site like this one. How do we reach these people? We need to get past the psychological conditioning which makes us afraid to bring up these issues to others. It's almost as if message boards, email lists…etc…have evolved with help from the "intelligence community". Have you noticed that the rules on many of these message groups excludes political topics and many are reprimanded or banned by a moderator if this rule is breached.

Some say the internet was created for the purpose of monitoring public opinion so the tactics of those who try to control.. can be moulded accordingly. For example…right now there are people from govt. agencies and corporations (especially PR Firms)reading this post. Will they try to change their tactics or approach now and try to create more chaos all at once because people are beginning to notice the artificiality?

One of the ways to get around the internet monitoring is to go to a public place and hand out copies of you have written or credible info from books or the internet that you feel clearly explains whatever issue you are concerned about. You can think up a quick catchy phrase that may grab people's interest as they walk by…such as "New Free on Osama Bin Laden" Some people will walk quickly by and say no thankyou but you WILL reach some people.I have done this with Lyme disease issues and vaccines and it does work. Even at town meetings info could be handed out. I think it's important to give people fairly brief things to read with references…instead of just trying to explain with words.

I can picture it now…in a couple of weeks .. there may be some new law put into effect that forbids public distribution of information. I don't think they'll get away with that though.