God said:

Worry is not a of love. is not a form of love. Distress is not a form of love. Love is a positive that brings joy. Love does not worry.

Trust more in what you want than in fear of what you don&;t want. Keep your eye on your . Focus on love in your and love in the hearts of others. Shoo worry away. Worry does not have to be a big factor in your life. Worry, although unpleasant, is an easy way out. It is a default. Worry, anxiety, and all that are not even a line of defense. Worry and its counterparts scatter your sense of well-being. They scatter your thoughts. They are a swarm of flies that cover the peace and love that are truly yours.

Worry and such are outsiders. They like to take over. They scatter your , and yet they keep you focused on worry as though worry were a friend. Worry is not a friend.

Worry and such do not take care of you. They needle you. They fill you with dread. What is worry really? It is made up of thoughts that do not serve you but rather plague you.

Do not think that worries have to be part of the human condition. Worries do not have to exist at all. Worries are fear thoughts. Regrets are worries of the past, and you tremble about the future. Worries are little martinets that parade themselves before you.

I tell you to take responsibility, and I also tell you to give your worries to Me. I know what to do with them. I flip them away. They are insignificant.

You may think what you worry about is equivalent to the end of the world. Worries are just worries. End worry. Whatever your worries are, end them. Whatever you worry about, worrying is worse than the actuality. Worry is a juggler. Worry plays mind games. Worries are not to be taken seriously. Move away from worries. You do not have to be polite to worries. Just take your leave of them. You are not rude to turn your back on them.

When love comes, accept it. Love is the only thing to accept. Of course, love is also to give.

Love is a garden to attend to. Do not make a garden of worries. Love weeds more than you cater to your worries. Do not spend time on worries. Why would you when you can spend time on love?

Worries, be gone. Throw them in back of you. They are behind you now. Don’t give them attention, and they will go away. You can enter My heart. Worries cannot. So, come, enter My heart now. I cover you with My love. I wrap you in a warm blanket of My love. I carry you in My arms, and I keep you in My heart right where you belong. You are My beloved, and I am yours.

No ill can befall you. If you knew that, what would you have to worry about? Worries are cloned thoughts. You picked them up somewhere, and they multiplied. You may have picked up others’ thoughts in the stratosphere. Worries do not belong to you. You are not to have them. You are to be worry-free. As it is, you pay too heavy a price for worry.

You pay no price for My love, unless you consider unburdening yourself a price, unless you consider freedom from worry a price, unless you consider not worrying as a lack.

Do not make a necklace of worry beads. Worry does not become you. Worry wears you out. It erodes your heart. Come, come love instead.

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