God said:

When it comes to , We are speaking of smallness rather than generosity. When you let the pinpricks of guide you, you enter a mode of life that is not fruitful for you. You are either sorry afterwards, or you are defensive. Why should a child of Mine have regrets or hold onto the idea of separateness and a need to defend it? does you no good.

I talk about ego as a villain. I talk about ego as if ego were separate from you. The fact is that ego is an upstart within you and comes from a less than full belief in yourself. You may tend to believe in others and give more importance to what they say or do than what you say or do. Otherwise, why would that little spring of ego pop up so regularly? Ego is like make-up. It fluffs you up for a little while. It makes your cheeks rosy for a little while. Unlike make-up, ego eats away at you. Ego blows up in your . Of , ego and make-up are similar because, given enough time, they both wear off.

Can you imagine the Great Ones unleashing ego? They unleash love. What else is wisdom but love? Their love was and is not silly or sentimental. They did not cave in to ego. They gave up ego, that is, they let ego go, and so they became Great Ones. Ego disappeared from their lives, and they were left with Being. We can say that they chose My Will over ego. We can say that they chose the Overall Good of All over their own libations. We can say that they treated others to a drink in the bar. They did not sit in a corner and drink alone. Of course, what they drank and breathed was My Will. My Will was not opposed to theirs. My Will is what they drank and shared. According to My Will, they served. They did not serve themselves first, nor did they erase themselves. The Great Ones did exactly what they wanted to do. Their decision had already been made. They did not have to decide in every situation – God&;s Great Will or their little will. Ego just couldn&;t crop up any longer. They didn&;t see ego. They didn&;t know ego. Ego simply did not exist for them. They had gotten out of the way of ego.

We can say that they were born to Greatness. It is more truthful to say that they grew to Greatness. Greatness exceeded the dribs and drabs of ego. It isn’t that they dispensed with ego. Ego just didn’t get the best of them anymore. Love did. With love, what room is there for ego? What room is there for even a tiny crevice of ego? Ego had fallen off the face of the Earth. Where greatness is, there simply is no place for ego.

The Great Ones served the Universe. There was nothing else they could do. There was only one for them to go down. It was not a choice forced from the outside. They arrived at the top of the world where there was only this one to take, for only one existed. They had to take the high . It was impossible for the Great Ones to take the low when they did not see it and could not take it.

The Great Ones became Great Ones because they served from a place of humility. Their individuality had nothing to do with anything. My love flowed from them. They healed the human heart with My love. They blessed man and God. And that is what I call on you to do.

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