God said:

I want to use the word henceforth. Henceforth, many whirling changes. Henceforth, much debris gets out of the way. Henceforth, your step will be lighter. All the gears will be oiled.

No longer will you be trudging. You will be stepping lightly. You have a running start. Henceforth, your feet hardly touch the Earth. You will be flying high.

One might say to you: “Hold on!” I will say, “Let go!” I will say that there is nothing for you to hold on to, beloveds, nor do you need to hold on. Holding on is from the past. Now we are speaking of glory to come.

Henceforth, love comes walking down the aisle. Henceforth, there is no trespass. All are openly welcomed in the world. Exclusivity has no foothold. Love is rampant. Henceforth, love is the norm. Love awaits you. Come into its parlor.

Love will assail you! There will be torrents of love, and torrents of love will be named peace. Henceforth, you will breathe. Henceforth, you will recline into the arms of love. The world will soar with love. You will soar with love. Henceforth, you will reckon with love. Love will invade your home and the whole world. Love will be almighty. Its name shall be peace.

Henceforth, you are an impresario of peace. You are a bell-ringer of peace. Peace enters as a royal . There is a surfeit of royaldom. Henceforth, everyone will practice peace. Not practice, you understand but live peace. Everyone will live peace the way a great pianist plays the piano at a concert. He is not practicing. He is playing, and he reaps applause. His play, of course, is itself his way of applauding. He makes music, and he awakens the God in everyone, and everyone awakens the God in the piano-players as he plays to a full house. Peace gets a standing ovation, and yet there is no sound made. Peace is like a hush of wonderment.

Welcome to peace on Earth where brother finds brother, and sister finds sister, and all is notably well. Who wants to create disarray in the midst of peace? This is not peace declared, you understand. This is peace in its majority. This is peace stumbled onto. The same way that, suddenly, there is spring, suddenly there will be peace. There will be no trumpets blaring. Peace will be undeclared. Peace will fall like quiet snow. The Earth will be covered in peace. Hearts will hush. The pulse of life will be light. The world will be lit up. It will be lit up quietly.

In the way that the crepuscule of twilight makes itself apparent, this is how peace enters the world to stay. Suddenly, there is peace, and you live in it. Where did all the noise go? Where went dissension? Where went struggle and force and control and patrol?

Henceforth, the end of an era, beloved. The world as you have come to know it is ending. The ending is seamless, however. There are no warring forces. There is no coup. Peace takes over peaceably. There is no marching. Peace takes over like a thin film of light. Peace takes over like mist. Peace is easy to get used to. It is as easy as pie.

Feel the peace in your heart now. It is establishing itself. It is a quiet take-over that peace makes. Peace has come to stay. Henceforth, peace alone reigns. Henceforth, peace is the custom. It is the lay of the land. It is the way of love.

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