God said:

Do you have any idea of how enchanted I am with you? Yes, you. You with all your foibles, I adore you. That’s how it is. I love you, and I love the core of you.

With each of My children, I see a bright golden light. Each of you has that, is that. This is what I see. I see this golden reflection of Myself. That is the core of you. That is you without all the encumbrances you wrap around yourself.

I see your , and what I see is the of you. Your light, My light, are the same.

Your light is covered with a body and all your thoughts.

Imagine yourself for a moment, if you will, as bright beautiful radiating golden light. Imagine your as a bright revolving in your chest. That’s it. That’s who you are. A bright spinning. How Our light embraces.

At the core of you, you are no less than the Great Ones. What they had, you have too. It is all there within you. If only you could see yourself as this bright golden light, you would own the world. You would own . You would own love. You would own to love is what I mean. You would admit it. You would know Who you really are. You would not be blinded by your radiance. You would see for the first time. You would see yourself as I do see you. You would be light itself.

And then you would see everyone else the same. You would see . You would move in . You wouldn’t compromise . You wouldn’t be distant from it. You would embrace the light of yourself which is abiding. There is no other than love, and you are the bright light of love. You feed the Earth and all in it with your abiding light. You are the light that shines. You are My Shining Light. You are the light of the Earth and you are the light of My love, resplendent on a world that needs Our light.

What could possibly trouble such beautiful golden swirls of light as My children are? What strength you are. What a Being. What nothings can you be entangled with? Let the entanglements go. Allow yourself to be the bright light that you most certainly are. You are nothing but bright light. All the rest is illusion you have been carrying on with. You have been talking to phantoms.

You are light and nothing but light. You are the radiance of My heart. You are My glance upon the world.

There are no conditions to My love, for I see My light in you. There is no fault to find with your beautiful light, and, when I look at you, that’s what I see, the magnificence of My light as if I were looking into a mirror. I am looking into a mirror that is you, and I see Myself. What is not to love?

I have said before that you are love and nothing but love. And now I tell you that light and love are One. Do not hide under the covers, beloveds. Bare your light so that the world and everyone in it is lighted. You are not this mortal dust. You are not meager. You are not suffering. You know not illness. You are not timid. The Bright Light that you are knows not fear. What is there to fear? All bright light is One. You and I are One Bright Light. We are like light that pierces the world into knowingness of itself.

The seeming world is made of many bright lights, and so the world is lighted, and you are the lighting of it. You are the lighter of the world and the brightening of it.

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