God said:

Who but God could invent the stars, to say nothing of everything else beautiful, heartwarming, and inspiring? Who but God? Who but God could think of such treasures as the stars to link your life to? Who could make the seeming days and nights and afternoons and evenings? Who else would think of laying out such a blanket of treasures above and below? This is good. I look at it through your eyes, and I see it is good. Avail yourself, beloveds. Seek out the treasures I have gilded the lily with. In My bag of tricks are gold and confections and a myriad of tastes. What a God am I Who can conceive of desserts and give you so many ingredients for your sweet tooth.

What We are really talking about this morning is the Sweet . There is in everything imagined. also lies within the imagined world. Love lives on Earth, does it not, the Sweetest of All? See love. See how a father carries his sleeping child from his car to the house. The child can sleep knowing that she is treasured in her father’s arms.

How about you, My angels? Are you sleeping well in My arms of love? Maybe yes, maybe no. Sleep, although it may seem so, is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. And even when you cannot sleep, you can love being awake. Wherever you are, love where you are. You know, not to love where you are is only a habit. Lack of appreciation is only a habit. Turn your habits of thought around.

There are sticky fly traps that flies rush to. May you be a sticky trap for blessings. Acknowledge your affinity for blessings, and more will adhere to you. That which you are looking for, you will see. What are you looking for, dear angels? Look for the gifts you are surrounded with. Come to think of it, even your troubles are a because they expand you to your furthermost self, your Furthermost Self. And Who is that? It is I. It is We.

Did I create the stars for Myself or for the reflections of Myself? I like to think I created all the beauteous surroundings for you. Your beats through Mine, and My beats through yours.

You don't have to be aware of the levels of anything!

There is free will, and there is destiny. Sometimes it is hard to tell them apart. Sometimes you are guided. My children do fall into trances when it is as if they had been hypnotized — or, they are sleepwalking. The course you take, whatever it is, is free will, and, concurrently, it is ordained. At the same time, had you made another choice, grabbed a star from the sky without looking, as it were, then that too would have been ordained. Everything is as if ordained, and nothing is ordained as well. Gold falls from the sky, and, according to your perception, it is gold or a stone or nothing at all. It is awesome or fearsome. Whatever befalls, you will kick and scream — or you will get up and take life as it comes. Ultimately, none of . now, however. to your beleaguered heart very much.

It is said there are no mistakes, and yet, all of what transpires is nothing next to the bright light which you are, in sleet and snow, in good times and hard times, for there is, ultimately, no time at all, no treasures or untreasures, no folly, no wisdom. There is trudging, or there is dancing as you make your way to your true destiny with Me as My One Prize, My reward for Creation, the long-awaited receipt of your Self-Realization. What a gift you are, whatever your trip has seemed to you. There is no April Fool's Day. There is Our meeting as One with your awareness which is exactly where We started.

All is well.

It occurs to Me to say that you are My and omega. What I want to say is that We are Love, and what more is there really to say when love alone is, and We are One Love?

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