God said:

Do you hear the beat of the drums calling you to Me? Boom boom boomty boom boom. Irresistible are the drums, and irresistible am I. You are surrounded by drumbeats, the rustle of leaves, the sound of ice crackling, the slurp of soup, bird songs, crickets, the ticking of clocks, whistles. All sounds you to Me. All sights you to Me. Everything calls you to Me.

The very senses that root you in the world at the same time call you to Me. You don&;t stand a chance of not answering My whistle. You are, in fact, on your way. “All aboard. All aboard for God. Room for one more. Everyone aboard, and off we go!”

Clickety clack goes the train.

The train gathers up steam. Clickety-clack goes the train. Chug a chug a chug. You who sit in the train are unaware of how fast you are going. You are inclined to wish that the train would go faster. It is going fast enough, beloveds. For some of My children, it goes too fast. You can hardly catch your breath. Too fast or too slow, you are right on time. The train you are on will not change directions. You will look out the window. You will have diversions. No the diversions, you are going in the right . Beloveds, there is only one to go in. There is no train to change to. The train you are on is chugging along.

You may think you are walking, or stumbling, or going around in circles. In this case, it doesn’t matter what you think. You may be behind the times. You may think you are lost in the woods, and yet you will come out of the unending forest you think you are in. You will enter the plains before you know it. You will have secured , and will have secured you.

You may see yourself as someone on the ground waving to the train as it speeds by, and yet you are a passenger on the train that you wave to, and you will be at the destination when the train comes in. You will greet the train, and you will greet yourself. Even though you don’t recall getting on the train, you will get off and enter the True World. How familiar it is to you. See, you have not forgotten.

What would life be like if there were no time? What would life be like if you had no physical ? Even as you live on Earth in a physical surrounded by evidence of time, you can also have awareness of no time and no human , and you can be immersed in the sunshine of Oneness and life with Me. These states can live alongside each other. You can be on the train, and you can be at the destination. Everything is possible. It is a done deed.

You can be sleeping on the train and awake at the same time.

You can be noisy and silent at the same time.

You can race and stay still at the same time.

Simultaneity is the word for today. Co-existence is a word for today. Multi-existence is the word for today. Many words are the words for today. Eternity and Infinity are words for today.

You live in more than one place at a time. It may be said that you are everywhere at all times, even when there is no time. Even when there is no where.

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