God said:

I am able to whisper to you because you are right near Me. You are as close as close can be. You are as close as My lips, and I am as close as your ears. In truth, We are closer yet.

I do not have to yell and shout. I don&;t have to even whisper. We are so close that you can read My mind. What you really read is My love. My love washes over you. I want to say: “Come, drown in My love.”

This is how you awake. Immersed, overcome with My love, you surface. You certainly come out on top.

Of course, as you ride on My love, you have no need of coming out on top. Riding on My love is the top. What is higher? Success in the world? Nonsense. Success in the world is nice. Love is better. When you are surfing, ride on the surfboard of My love. In the true sense, you will never fall. In the world sense, you may fall. You may fall again and again. What care you? You are riding on My love. Rise into My love, or fall into it, what is the difference? Who really cares? It comes out the same.

We are bonded. We are free, and, yet, We are bonded. We have an indelible bond. This is your security, beloveds. This is the only security. The relative world, as marvelous as it is, is not reliable. The extant world is not the whole story. It certainly is not the whole story of you. You are in the midst of your story. Your story is not the whole story of you by a long shot. Your story twists and turns. There are many levels to your story. We can call the levels floors. There are many floors and no ceilings. Your story is in process. No doubt it is climbing higher and higher. You are reaching the stars. You have already reached Me. I hold you in My hands, and, yet, you keep trying to wriggle higher. You simply don’t know where you are. You do not know in Whose arms you are, in Whose heart you rest, and, so, you are restless.

You weep time and time again. You don’t even know why you weep. You weep because you weep. There is no reason to!

You weep at life, and you weep at death. You weep at love, and you weep at love lost. You think love is summed up in a person, you and another, or several others. Love, which is ongoing, cannot really be summed up. As soon as you try to total it up, it has grown. Love has a way of doing that.

Smoke rises. Love rises. Smoke evanesces. Love stays solvent. Love, like a flag, may furl and unfurl, yet love itself is a constant. I do not waver in My love. Let love be, beloved seekers. Seek for naught but Me. If you do not wish to seek Me for My sake, then seek Me for your own sake. In this, be selfish. Be determined to find Me, and you will find Me. You will find Me in your heart! The bluebird of happiness sings in your own backyard.

I am the treasure you have within yourself.

I left you breadcrumbs to follow, and now you find them, and now you follow them right up to My door. Only I have no doors. No gates. I have a wide-open embrace. I give you no obstacles. Who does then?

There is no one more than I who wants to be found. “Find Me. Find Me,” is my cry.

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