God said:

There is much uncertainty in life. But of what I say, you can be certain.

You may say that there is also a question of interpretation. else may interpret My words differently. Don&;t interpret My words then. Just listen. Let the enter your mind and whether you understand them or not. I come from the place before words. Words have a . My words have the of . Close to the Source are the words that come from Me Who is your Source.

I tell you that I will never fail you, and yet you feel I have let you down. You feel I have not made things quite right for you. You feel I may have thrown nuts and bolts in your way, that I have scattered debris that you will trip over again and again. Whose decision is it that you trip? Not Mine. But, listen, do not ever think that I wash My hands of you, or abandon you, or let you down. You want something, and you don’t receive it. Want something else then.

When you lose a loved one, consider that there is a blessing in it. You may not see a blessing. A blessing does not have to be visible to you. Nevertheless, it is there. It may be a blessing for another, yet a blessing for another is also a blessing for you. You do not have to understand. You have to go forward. That is a commandment I give. Go forward. See far, and hop to it.

Do not underestimate yourself, and do not underestimate Me. Refrain from second-guessing yourself, and refrain from second-guessing Me. I do not see amiss. If you do not yet see the that I do see, correct yourself. Take Me at My word. My word is Love. My existence is Love. And you are My love. You are the love of My choice. I accept you gladly and wholeheartedly. Will you accept Me?

It has been said that in the Earth world, there is no perfection. Do not believe that. There is perfection. Have you never looked at the stars? Have you never looked into eyes? Have you never seen a baby? Have you never looked into the palm of your hand?
And I am telling you that you also are perfection. Nothing prevents you from being in the perfect image from which you were made. You were not made from a cookie-cutter. I molded each of you by hand. I made you thus and so. I made someone else thus and so. I never got bored. I never lost My place. I loved you into existence. Every single person on Earth I made with love, the love from My heart.

Beloveds, you see obstacles. I don’t see obstacles. Obstacles are ideas in your head. All the obstacles you see are not there. When you cannot go one way, then go another.

There are no problems. How well you see problems. Problems in the world are a hobby. They are no more than a hobby. You attribute whatever you attribute to being a problem and so you engage in solving it. If you accepted that there were not problems, what would you solve? What would you do with yourself? What would occupy you? What hobby would you take up then?

Seek forth blessings from now on. Be a fine collector of blessings. Solve yourself with blessings. Store them in your heart. This is the way to go. I bless you. Now know you are blessed. Know that I embrace you with blessings.

You are blessed. As you think of your blessings, they multiply. This is how you become more blessed. This is how you become bless-ed.

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