God said:

Hither and flither, whither and yon. So is the nonsense of the day. Much of the time, nonsense makes as much as . Some days, nothing makes no matter how you turn it over and look at it.

Love that gives and ’t ask for anything in return beats its drums in the human . Let love, not sense, be the point of your day. Even in a desert, you can love. Even in a mountain cave, you can love. Even in a dungeon, you can love. Even lost in a woods, you can love. There is nowhere where you love.

I will tell you further that there is no one that you cannot love. The truth of that may seem far away from you now. It may seem absurd to you now, and yet that is the truth of it. You can love one and all. If you can love one, you can love all. Perhaps you have not loved one. Perhaps you have not even loved yourself. Or not very much. Only a little, or only when you wear a mask. Odds are you haven’t really thought of yourself as worth loving. It’s a good thing you have Me in your corner, for too often you do not really have yourself on your side. Too often you have been self-defeating, alas.

Now come out of the doldrums. Come out of the dark woods of your thoughts and enter into the of light-heartedness. You do not manufacture joy, yet you can call it to you. You can call anything to you. You have.

Now wholeheartedly call to you love for yourself. Say, “Love in my heart, get over here. Love me. Love God. Love all others. God tells me that there are no others. Well, then, love me and let that love be enough for all. How about it, God?”

That is what I have been waiting to hear you say. How about it? It is just hunky-dory with Me. Catch the love I give to you. I give it to you by the barrel. By the ton. I deliver huge cranes of love, and the love is light. It is bright light, and it carries weight, and yet it doesn’t weigh a feather. The most valuable asset you have is love. There is none other equal to it. Nothing compares to the love in your heart. Love in your heart has always been there. I delivered all the love in Heaven to the world long ago. You may not have noticed. You noticed perhaps a little. Mountains of love have been stifled. Bring all that love out now. You can do it. You can intend it right now.

Say to the love in your heart:

“I speak to you, all that buried love in my heart. Make yourself known now. Come out of my heart like budding flowers, and let yourself be seen. Let me see the flowering of my heart. Let my heart blossom and never stop. Let my heart be a blossoming rose or even a common dandelion. Love can be sturdy. It can be yellow like a dandelion. It can be any color it wants. It can be any color of love it is. An ounce of love is as good as a mile. My heart is a garden of love, and it spreads everywhere. I tell you now, My heart of love, spread yourself everywhere now so I may see you and give you away at the same time I hold you close to me. Bury my heart in your beautiful blossoms of love, and that is how you reveal my heart. Right now, I blow kisses to my love, and send you off, not to seek your fortune, but to give yourself away like dandelion puffs that fly everywhere, hither and flither and yon.”

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