God said:

You cry because you cry. You know not why.

When tears come, they are like rain. Rain and tears have their place. Rain is important. Rain is necessary. Tears don’t have to arise, yet tears, when they arise, make room for more love to enter your . Do not dwell on tears, and yet allow them their place. Better the tears that are cried than the tears pushed back, hidden away, stored. Either you release tears or you keep them back.

Where did the come that it is brave not to cry? It is brave to cry. Then the next step, after flow of tears, is to get up and go about life.

Tears exist so that you may cry. It is not true that you can cry your heart out. You empty your heart of what does not belong there.

You do not own tears. You do not own loss. You do not own suffering. They are passing things. They are a storm in the sky that goes away in order to welcome the sun. When tears overflow, they are preparing the way for something wonderful for you. You do want to be released from the past, don’t you?

I will tell you the cause of all tears that you shed. Whatever the occasion, with or without your awareness, all tears that you shed come from a sense of abandonment. Feeling alone is the last thing you want. Alone on the High Seas. Alone in your environment. Alone on your computer. Alone in the world. Alone in your heart.

That sense of aloneness that troubles you signals to you that that aloneness cannot be true. It certainly isn’t right. Furthermore, beloveds, aloneness cannot be. Aloneness does not exist. Aloneness is an idea you have bought. Instead of putting yourself in the crook of the moon, in My arms, in the treetop, you have set yourself adrift. You are baby in the bulrushes, only it is you who pushed the cradle away from shore.

You are in My arms, and the cradle will not fall.

If you are in solitary in a prison, I am with you. I am with you right now. I am with you this moment. Where else would I be? There is nowhere else I would be, and nowhere else I can be. It is immutable that I am with you. I know it. Now, you know it. Know it. Accept.

Loneliness is an emotion you play with. Sometimes you like to play the worst scenario and torment yourself. You would do anything not to be alone when being alone is a condition of your imagination. If you think you are alone, you are mistaken. The worst it can be is that you are alone with Me, and that is not alone at all.

If you think you are alone, if you think you have been abandoned, you are mistaken, and yet your speculation of aloneness takes you hostage. Your feelings are exactly what you would feel if you indeed were alone. You are such a good play actor. When you imagine you are alone in a vast desert, you react as if you were. You take all the trappings of aloneness with you, and you cover yourself with them. You put a blanket over your head, and you can’t see anyone. You isolate yourself.

You have had that experience enough. You need not have it again. It is an experience of your making. Even if you were left by the side of the road, you are not alone. Even if there is no one’s hand to hold, I am holding your hand. You are a treasure I hold.

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