God said:

My holy child, I tip your chin so that I may see your and so you may look at Me and see My smile and see Me smiling. I am smiling at you. You make Me smile. I pull you to Me. I pull you close. Do not resist. Abide with Me a while. Abide with Me a longer while. Keep abiding with Me in your awareness. You are ever with Me, and I am ever with you. We are made for each other. We are Twin Souls, so to speak. We Who are Oneness are entwined. It is only as if We are two, for We, beyond a , are One. Beyond My , that is. Well, of course, I have no . I have never doubted anything. Least of all do I you. I am doubtless. You are doubtful.

You have My confidence. I confide in you, for I know your . Your is mighty. It is Our . I am infinitely true to Myself, and I am true to you Who are also Myself. Oneness Supreme is Who I AM, and it is the same for you, only you doubt. You doubt your own wonderment.

Let Us put that aside for a while. Is that a strange thing for Me to say, to put Truth aside for a while? I say that only so that you turn your face toward Mine and give Me your attention. What point is there in My talking unless you are listening? So that you will be able to listen, I go along with your view of things that We are two. Now you can talk to Me. Now you can hear Me. You would like to hear a booming voice that could only be God&;s.

Of course, I am silent. What a listener I am. I can even hear the unspoken. Truly, beloveds, so can you. You can hear My innermost thoughts. I keep nothing to My singled-out Self. I am an Open Book. I am total transparency. I have no secrets. I have no secrets from you. I withhold nothing. I give Everything. I gave Everything. The giving continues. It rolls out. It never stops. I never stop loving you. I love in one motion as it were. I love relentlessly. You can’t get away from My love.

Absurdly, you have tried. Absurdly, you have distanced yourself from the very of the . We are the of the Matter. Oneness is the of the Matter. There is and no matter.

You are branded My love in your DNA. What a set-up that is. What a pre-organized amazing miracle. And yet it is so simple. It is My DNA that you carry. It is important for you to know this. With this knowledge, you allow the entrance of all possibilities. Heretofore, you have limited the possibilities. You have believed in and supported impossibilities, including the idea that you are My beloved. You have made a certainty into an implausibility.

If you think it is not possible that I love you, My creation, then love Me. That will do it for you. That is a step in the right direction. Love Me, and all My love will seep into you. Soon enough, you will not know Whose love you feel. All love is Mine, and all love is yours. I am Unbounded Love, and you are Unbounded Love. Unbounded Love is all. We are All. We are all Oneness.

The simplest may be the hardest for you to grasp. You cannot even grasp what it might mean that We are One. There are so many ideas you would have to abandon that it seems difficult to you for Us to be One. The gist of it is that We are One. The Whole Universe is One. There is One Heart, One bond, One Love, and it is Mine. You are My Love. That’s it.

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