God said:

It is not so much that I speak. It is that I AM. My resonates out. From My you arose. From the sound of My you arose. Did I speak out loud? Did I pound My chest and boom the word God? Did My very Being shake? Did I say the Word God, or did the sound simply vibrate from Me, and the world began.

Or was I shaking with laughter! Perhaps there was a joke on Me. Perhaps the world began before I had the thought of a world beginning. Did I even have the concept? Perhaps the sound came out of My throat by itself, the way anyone could involuntarily make the sound, “Ah” or “Uh” or “Um.” Perhaps I was just humming a tune, and the tune came to life, and began before I knew it. I do know took no time at all. All that about six days of creating and resting on the seventh is a story told. I never work. I am always at rest in the stillness of love. Stillness does not mean My eyes are closed, however. I delight in everything.

About My possibly being unconscious of Creation, worry not. I am playing with you, My children. I all Consciousness knew very well when I was moving Being into matter, Being into action, Being into life. I had to know when the world was creating itself out of the clay of My Voice. I had to know when I said, “Ready, set, action,” and took out My camera and started taking pictures. I was a natural kind of God, a natural kind of movie-maker, a natural artist of naming things.

There was no need for Me to take lessons and learn how to create. The notes of music from My throat, as it were, naturally became . Can’t you just picture how the sound from My throat took shape, from the subtle unseen to the seen and touched? Can’t you just see how the adoration expressed in the sound Ahh became you, a live living moving Being of God? It was not like blowing bubbles, yet it was from a breath from Me that you arose. My breathing out has not stopped. I am still on the First Breath. There is no cease to it. Love expressed itself and never stopped. The clarion call is ongoing.

And so it is that your thoughts also take form. It is the tone of your thought that takes form, you understand.

Creation is creating itself right now according to the timbre of your thoughts. This is the God’s Truth that I am telling you. I am not being too simplistic when I say this.

You are writing the world as you toddle along in it. You are singing a happy tune, or you are singing a dismal one. Whatever sound you make, it is transmitted. Whatever thought you have, it is transmitted. All the sounds you make come from the original sound of Ahh. Note the adoration in that sound. Note the adoration. Ahh, I created you. Ahh, I created the world. Ahh, what happiness. What joy. Ahh became I AM. I already existed, and then I became My Own Realization. I realized you. You are the notes from the flute of My Voice. I sing to the world, and you are My song. You are a Song of Myself.

I can hold a note infinitely. I do. You are Infinity hopping along, riding on top of yourself, dancing a little jig, putting up signs, tearing them down, all a little epic diversion from the Infinite Being that We ARE.

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