God said:

To you, when you think of it, life is a mystery. How can this fantasy of life be? How is it that everyone buys into it when life looked at more closely is unfathomable, not quite possible, certainly not real. Life is an impossibility!

And, yet, life is a drama entered into most fully. Not always willingly, but fully. There is no way around that. You were born. You had no , or did you?

It could be said that you, the baby, did enter the world kicking and screaming. Even in your mother’s womb, you were kicking in order to exercise your legs and make more room for yourself. You didn’t cry by choice. The roughness of the world made you bawl, and the bright lights made you. And thus you were born to the world and have been inhabiting it ever since. What a strange thing. Sometimes it seems downright unearthly.

You were in the arms of strangers, and, to this day, you cannot know what you were like as a baby. If only you could have been your own mother or , how you would have nurtured yourself. How gentle and kind you would have been. You might well have given yourself, the baby you were, a new start in life. You would love, simply love, for that unrecognized baby you were did not always have the respect you would give to it if only you could.

Nevertheless, you can give yourself a new upbringing now. It’s harder for you to love the adult you are, and, yet, you can do it. Inside you, that innocent child wanders still. You can raise yourself a better way now. You can raise yourself to new heights.

Even in the state of babyhood, there was a wiser you attuned to more significant matters than life in the world. Even as a baby, you knew more than anyone knew. An unseen mother or father of life in was rocking you in a cradle of love. There was always more for you than the world provided.

You can be privy to a new birth now.

Once you were a flower who curled up. Now you are a flower springing open. You are bursting forth. Today is the day of your birth. Today you get your land legs or your sea legs or your wings. Here you are.

Today you can fly to Me, and I will catch you. I catch you now. I hear your voice. I hear your , and I welcome you and your , and I bring you close. You are born to Earth in My arms, and I have never let you go. Never ever were you out of My . Always, you were right here. You are right here now, and I rock you with love greater than you can fathom. You are the most loved Being in the world, the most loved Being in or out of the world. You are the most loved Being there ever was. You are loved. You are a blessing that I nurture and love. I gave you as a blessing to the world. I set you free in the world, not so much to make your fortune as I made you to be the world’s good fortune. If truth be known, I made you to savor the world, to relish it, to bring it to life, to embolden it with all that is holy and all that makes life worthy of the name. The world does not need saving. It needs to be honored. In that way, you are the savior of the world.

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