God said:

Leave the floodgates open. I am speaking of the floodgates of love. I am speaking of your admitting Me into your life and your view of life. Let love and its organizer, I, God, into your world. Let Me be a force in your life. Let Me have some say in the design of what is referred to as you, as the human you, as the and and soul that walk around in a cumbersome . Let Me have some of the attention you presently may give to your erstwhile . Absolutely, take care of your , only make room for Me as well. The is mortal. In a sense, the is a losing game. In the world, you cannot stem the tide of time. Come into Infinity with Me.

That which you see is what you get. See better and bigger than you have been seeing. You have been seeing a crumb of what you are.

I exist. Even if you think that I do not exist, let Me exist for you. Life in the world is too much for you without Me. The world holds terrors for you. You see shadows around every turn. Substitute Me for the terrors. Me in instead. Let Me in. Do yourself a favor and bring in a Presence that is often called God or words to that effect. If you do not like the name God, then Me Friend. Then Me Guy. Then Me Love in its . life sublime, and make it so.

It is yourself I would love you to believe in. I will help you. Together, We will wonders perform.

You are safe. The body is not safe. The body is in peril. No longer identify so much with the body and its wavering . Instead of emoting, love. Start with Me. Leave behind. Leave fraughtness of behind. , no matter how serious and important to you, are frivolous. adhere to the past. Get the past and the that surround the past out of your way. Past are not your friends.

Hate and anger and such are your out and out enemies. They are ego, and they mimic you. Believe Me, if you wish someone ill, you will not feel safe. Your thoughts become real. Your thoughts manifest in one way or another. That which you perpetuate upon another comes back to roost.

You may think that people in your life are your enemies. All the while, it is your thoughts that are. With your thoughts, you bet on the validity of a dark past. Get the past out of the way. It does not serve you. If the past did not serve you in the past, what makes you think it will serve you now?

When you operate from the injustice of the past, you bring the past to life. When you harp on injustice, you bring injustice to you. If you want injustice in your life, keep thinking of how you are victimized, and so you victimize yourself. You punish yourself with the past. The true villains are your thoughts. It is for you now to change them. Old thinking brings you your old life back. It manifests before your eyes. The cruel stepmother does not come back, yet someone steps in to take her place. You bring her to you.

For your life to change, you have to change. No one is going to change your life for you. Life is of your making. And you make it with your thoughts and your hanging on emotions. Get out of the past where you have been living. This is how to change your life. Enough of reliving the past. Come to life now.

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