God said:

I do not sit on a top. I sit right with you. I look across at you. Look across at Me.

Consider that we sit on a terrace surrounded by beauty. We sit in lawn chairs. We have quite a view. Consider that we sit happily in silence. Consider that we are content to just be. Nothing has to happen. Nothing has to be decided. We make no demands upon one another. We simply are. We are One with each other and the Universe. It is peace for Us to sit close in the silence of Our love. Our love diffuses through everything. There is nothing else.

Nothing interferes with Our simple love. There are no distractions from it. We have a bond of love and it is simply there. Nothing erodes Our bond. Nothing comes near it. Our bond of love connects Us.

I am approachable. What about you? You are often wary. But what if you did have the trust in Me that I have in you? What a sigh of relief you would breathe. You would breathe. You would know what it is to take a breath and exhale. All wayward thoughts would go out from you like bubbles. They would go away, all your wayward thoughts.

You would hardly recognize yourself without all your wayward thoughts. You would be so happy without them. Your way of thinking has been like a vise around you. Wayward thoughts have surrounded you and your every thought. You would be absolved from fear and anything else you can think of that fends off the of you.

The Truth of you is outstanding. You are a miracle and you are a miracle-worker. You are My own True Love. Our hearts embrace. We hold hands as We walk down the path of life. Through hill and dale, we walk. We admire all the sights. We are in love. In love, we follow the path of love. We follow bird songs and butterflies. We listen to the stars. We evoke the stars. I play the flute, and you the bandolina. We create chords of harmony without practice, just naturally, just as naturally as a smile plays on your face when you look at Me, gaze at Me, or steal a sidelong glance at Me. What a combination We are. What a delicacy.

How loved We are, and how loving. We are filled with love and nothing else. Love is Our clarion call. Love is the of Our hearts. Love plays all the parts, and love beckons Us. Love is Our modus operandi. Love is Our vision, and love is Our destiny. From love We were born, and from love We birth more love. We are consigners of love. We are distributors of love. We forecast love, and Our forecast is true.

We have no storms. We have interplay. We have each other, and We swoon in each other’s arms. We are of one piece. We are in tandem. We are pure love, love asking for nothing but to give itself. Our love is a river that flows and overflows its banks. We are the Ocean that returns to itself. Ever-love, ever embarking, ever arriving, arising, attaining to nothing but love. Love prompts Us. Love is the musical instrument We play. We sway and dance to love. We love even without being seen or heard, and yet We are realized. The fountain of youth is the fountain of love. From Us comes the flow of love, natural, unbiased, fruitful love. From the mountaintops we come. From below sea level even, We take care of the world.

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