God said:

If you will always remember to be a lady or gentleman, you will circumvent or eliminate friction. When you are courteous, you do not offend. Smile, look into someone’s eyes, and what controversy can thrive?

The next time you find yourself annoyed with someone, try smiling and looking into their eyes. When you do this, you are concerned with good manners and not offense. There is a tendency for My children on Earth to be consumed with what ticked them off, and they forget about good manners. They forget about being a good sport.

When you live by good manners, grudges cannot exist. Rabid feelings cannot exist. Good manners build good feelings.

A little goes a long way. A little anything goes a long way. A little resentment can burn long. A little courtesy leaves a long trail. Will you choose courteousness? Will you melt away hard feeling rather than subsidizing it?

This is something you can do right away. Even when you feel grouchy, you don’t have to let your grouchiness take over. Remember that you are the son or daughter of a . You are a or . For you to take the high road is not dismissing yourself. It is not dishonest nor is it neglectful. It is honoring yourself, and it is honoring another. Good manners represent yourself. Good manners say a lot about you. They say whether you are a leader or a follower.

All this is another way of saying that you don’t have to let someone’s bad mood or poor manners rattle you. Someone else’s grouchiness does not have to be contagious. Return grouchiness with courtesy, and you elevate the world.

Of course, as you extend good manners, you don’t want to be grinding your teeth. You want your good manners to be true. You want to extend yourself as I would want you to. Am I asking too much of you?

I am asking you to be of good spirit. I am asking you to create good will. I am asking you to be the initiator of good behavior in the world. I am asking you to raise the flag of good will. I am asking you to make the world what you would like it be.

I am asking you to foster in yourself all that you would like to be.

When someone is crabby, don’t you be crabby.

When someone is thoughtless, you be thoughtful.

When someone is rude, you be courteous.

I would like you to try this out. I would like you to be good-natured.

If someone snaps at you, the last thing I want you to do is to snap back at them. Anyone can do that. Everyone has done that. It has been automatic. It has been a lazy habit, a spineless response, an infraction of good manners.

Now you will teach yourself good manners. You will walk through the world like a prince or princess. You will give a wave to all. You will bless all. And the whole world will cheer you for the courage of your good manners.

I touch you with a magic wand right now. And now you are lit up, and now you sparkle! You have been touched by God, and now you can never be the same. Now you walk tall. Now you see differently. Whereas once you might have aligned yourself with anger, now you align yourself with good nature. You become a rose who acknowledges your rosiness to all. Now you become an emblem of peace. Now you glow. Now you are a shining light on the world. Now you surmount even the little things that you used to make big.

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