God said:

are no circles really. are no squares. are no shapes. All that you study in the relative world does not really exist, and yet the relative world your existence on Earth. It what you are involved in. It very meaningful, and it meaningful to you. In and of itself, life in the relative world valuable. You know it . It may not exist, and yet it not nothing at all. It indeed .

It may be a tunnel, and yet it is a tunnel that you swim through. You get somewhere. Even when there is nowhere to get to, you get there. might say that it is all in the . I am inclined to say it is all in your heart. It is all in your . You are, even on Earth, a traveler.

Do even exist? They seem to. They exist even on paper. are saved. They are important, and yet even are a passing thing. They are here one minute and gone the next. are in sand. They may be true or untrue. words are words, and yet they are meaningless. They are not worth the ink they are written in.

Everything in the world is a passing fancy. You are drawn in a comic book, so it seems, so it often seems. Life is made of heroes and villains. Life is a story told on the waves of itself. It can be said that the Ocean exists, and, yet, the waves that come and go, do not exist. The sea goes deep. Depths take you to the heights.

Directions do not really exist, and yet life is purposeful. There are Purposes in the non-existent world. Do you see how amazing Creation is? Creation is created, and created not.

You exist, and you do not. Ice cream comes in all flavors, and yet ice cream and flavors do not exist. There is existence, and yet it doesn’t exist. Being exists. Being is eternal. Being is here to stay. Being is real. And yet there is really no word for it.

Love exists, and yet there is really no word for it.

I, God, exist, and yet I am not confined to a word. I cannot be defined. That which truly exists is indefinable. Isn’t that a quirk?

It is the physical that is not real. All that seems real is not. Everything is topsy-turvy. Who is who, and which is which?

The nursery rhymes and fairy tales, made of words and pictures, portray Truth. At the core of everything lies Truth. At the core of everything am I, and are you. We. One forevermore.

It is good to be aware of what is permanent and what is impermanent. It is good to know the difference, and, yet, the terms permanent and impermanent do not tell the whole story. The impermanent puts its mark on you. Stones are to sit on and wonder at. The sky is blue. It is universally accepted as blue. And grass is green, and yet colors are not real. Colors fuel the imagination, and yet colors are not real nor is what they fuel real either. The tangible is not real, and the intangible is real.

And yet We are moving right along to the passage where Truth is revealed, and Truth is discerned, and the Truth supports all that which is not true, not quite true, true-seeming and yet not true. The unseen is true. I am true, and you are true, just not the words and not the physical. Even so, the untrue is beautiful and quite a precursor to the simplicity of that which is undeniably true.