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Monday, 2 May, 2011  (posted 27 May, 2011)  

Two little words, I AM, hold the key to knowing the secret to the joy, love, abundance, success and fulfillment that is our reason for being here. We know that these words are powerful and we use them countless times every day to create the reality we live in. Our lifetime search is one of truth, we want to know that the powerful I AM of our spiritual aspect can translate to the and it does, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. But it is most powerful when we use these words as an answer instead of as a question.

AM I? is not a powerful way to approach search for truth. In fact, it is a question whose answer is another question. Am I powerful? Am I worthy of love? Do I deserve to have everything I want? These questions are important to us but they come from a place where we have doubt and want validation. Our next step, from this standpoint, is to find someone who will give us a positive answer. But we know that who and what we attract mirrors our so we find those who can't answer our question because they have the same questions that we do.

When we use I AM as a question we are asking the Universe for permission to be who we are, to embody the power and presence that we want to have in our lives. We want the truth we think is possible to be the truth that we live. But we don't need permission and no one, including the Universe, can give us permission to be who we are at our core. We are that through the expression of the I AM energy, and we have to change our doubts into trust, fear into belief and stand firm in the knowing that our truth is true for us, when we can declare it instead of asking for permission.

I AM is such a powerful phrase because it is a declaration of our intention. It speaks of our truth which is why we must always use it with great discretion. With the words I AM we create our reality and attract everything that resonates with it. Whatever follows I AM is the truth for us and the Universe responds with the energy to make it happen. With I AM we plant our feet, declare ourselves and our truth. Is that what we really want? Are we aware of the power of this choice? While we won't get permission, we will get results and when we create less than what we want, we know we have asked a question instead of declaring our intention, spoken from doubt instead of knowing and make the next intention one that grounds us into the highest aspects of our truth.

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