6 May 2011   Nemi

One of the most common questions I get from people is, if you have , why did you come back down to earth? Or, if I was a light-worker, star-seed, or walk-in to be reborn back on earth? WHY?!

isn't a place where you pack your bags and go to. It's not even a place. For what use would a physical place be if you are light?

The most amazing thing that happens when you are ascending or in the process of ascension is that you remember who you are. Once you remember who you are, and you are in the creator's presence which makes up all of us, you feel such an overwhelming amount of unconditional love that the first thing you think about is you get all excited and want to fly back down to earth and tell your friends and family! You want to tell everyone you know about the message of the celestial light.

For this reason, when you are ascended or when you are there, you feel so safe, warm, peaceful, and full of love that you feel so good and have no other wish but to truly share and give as much love as you can to others. In other words, you are filled with such true, selfless love – the love of pure giving, sharing, kindness, non-judgmental, compassion, and unconditional beyond words can define – love. You really have no other wish but to serve the rest of humanity and the light which holds us all in perfect harmony.

It's a hard concept to grasp, but many people get bad memories when someone says the word "serving" or "worshiping" God. In fact most people in today's society shudder at the word "God" itself. I don't blame people really. Religious corruption has made it out to be a sin/forgiveness for salvation game. Most people became sheeple into thinking that ascension was reserved only for the chosen "holy few" rather then the many beautiful, golden, humans in the world. Not to say that or Buddha for example weren't special, but most reverted to worshiping them rather then understanding that they too can experience the gift of ascension.

The wonderful truth is, that when you are serving "God" that doesn't mean you are running out to get God coffee. You are praising in infinite joy and love of the light which we are all made up of. For this feeling of unconditional love and light is truly the most amazing experience you will ever receive and at the same time give with all your heart.

We are all messengers in disguise,

Order of Seven