26 May 2011   Channeler:  white tara

      ~**~      Dear friends. I have received an important from the Higher-Realms tonight concerning the many stories being shared concerning peoples' ideas of what is causing such dramatic earth changes and why they are so severe.

     ~**~      I will share this because They know I have the resources to  relay any that is relevant especially as it can allay fears. I share this without flourishing the or giving any more than what was given me ~ plain and simple. We realize that this will not be accepted by many who have been following internet from favourite channellers and other sources.

     ~**~     I will give just a short explanation of how this came about. A huge amount of was downloaded into my higher chakras, namely the eighth, above the head,where our Godself resides when we are in physicality. I was resting on the bed at the time when this happened, and it was accompanied by a  'cloud'  of buzzing energies around and above the head which went on for perhaps 10-15 minutes. I had the feeling of the heavenly realms coming down to this area above my head where my aspects all reside. It was very beautiful and very powerful.

     ~**~    During my time on earth I have experienced with my eyes the changes in weather that occurs immediately surrounding a very high spiritual power when he or she comes to earth. When an aspect of Lord comes to earth, he is accompanied by very strong winds. When another Being from the higher-realms visits, they can appear during a thunderstorm using a lightning bolt. I have seen both of these things occur. The lightning bolt occurred during a storm at our previous high-set home when I was downstairs, watching the storm from the back door with  our labrador. I turned around when I heard the crackling sound and a lightning bolt appeared in the doorway of our rumpus room. My husband informed me that this is another way that they can come to earth.

     ~**~      Please friends, don't ask me why these things occur, I have no idea. Very powerful divine energies can appear as they choose, and it is sometimes beyond our understanding why they do this.

     ~**~    Now, getting to the   for the extra wild weather that seems to be getting worse. With the spiritual energies being poured onto earth, plus Gaia cleansing dense energies from her surface, it has increased the intensity of weather events.   The areas where tornadoes were fairly common, we now see extraordinary  changes in the size and the area they cover, and also the numbers increased. Huge spiritual energies arriving onto earth are the for  the uncommon weather events. Even the floods in being of epic proportions never seen before, whereas we may still have had floods but without the enormity of the volume of water caused by excessive rain, then causing inland tsunamis.    

     ~**~     That is the reason. It has nothing to do with any instruments being used by any organization on earth trying to create havoc.  It has nothing to do with any dark side either. And as energies increase, flooding the earth with divine power, there will be more major earth events, although I haven't been told anything specific.

     ~**~     This message is shared from myself and the higher-realms to help ease confusion as to why the weather events have been so severe. With utmost love and respect to all, Tara  ~**~