29 May 2011   Channeler:  Rosalie Muir

I am ,

ones I wish to confirm for you the way of the heart as it was in Ancient times of .
I often hear from people that to feel ,think or act from the Heart is leaving oneself open to being hurt emotionally or even physically and it saddens me consequently the reason for this message.
Thinking with the heart implies being led by emotions rather than being rational and logically thinking things through which is not entirely correct as the head/mind thoughts often take you away from your passions and correct actions for example the mind remembers the painful memories, not the heart, does this answer why some cannot get past a past hurt?

To continue to allow your heart to feel the hurts of the past will attack your heart, the heart does not attack you.
Another example when you have been beaten and abused on or within your , its the mind that remembers, stores all the files of yesterday while your heart pumps happily along.

When you stop remembering those files of the past and literally live in the Now moment, you are able to forgive all and move on into a future belonging to heart moments, moment of happiness.

In ancient times that is exactly what was done, thinking, feeling & acting with and through the heart all the time without a question.
In fact in Egyptian times of mummification the heart was said to be so important that it was the only organ which was not removed .
The greatest fear was that the heart was not within the body as our expressions came solely from the heart………….being happy was to broaden ones heart……….to suppress a desire was a washing of the heart…………..to hide ones thoughts was to immerse the heart and all friends entered each others hearts.
As a human being this is how I like to think of you as the heart being the Essence of you, the Self.

Your Heart is also the Spiritual center that we all speak from and directly to your heart …………..you will often notice that one of your hands go directly to be held to the place where your heart is when we connect psychically and even to the point of overwhelming tears come to your eyes as the feeling is so heartfelt.

This is also the reason Rosalie has been advised when she is doing a to hold the hand where the heart center is felt on Venus in the palm ,just at the base of the thumb, feel it on another if you haven't already and feel the between hearts, heart to heart is a saying that suns up a true between humans and Deities to Humans.

There are many humans walking the whose hearts have been connected to an aspect of my heart and at these times they are all slowly but surely are connecting together giving them the aspects of myself without becoming myself, Isis, an understanding that is often confused with some humans thinking they must have been me in a former life …………

To make it clearer I will give you an explanation ……the Goddess is now on Planet Earth stronger than ever before so those who are drawn to my are the ones who can have an aspect of Isis and will, carry on the importance of the heart to heart connections however I am not the only Goddess so you will become drawn to which Goddess you feel a connection with in your heart space and go forth to give of the of your Universal Mother and may even find that you connect with not just one Goddess but many and as we are all One there will not be One each in separate corners but merging & blending with all.

One thing I can say for certain you will know in your Heart who or what you resonate or connect with.

I am the Protector of the Heart, Goddess of the Creative Heart , Lady of Heart's desires so dear ones please call on me for all matters of the Heart, this is my purpose.
Your Soul is like the magic of a summer Rainbow…..Spreading all it's Love and Beauty on this Earth.
Beloved ones listen to your over all else, it will not lead you astray but keep you on your Soul's purpose.

As your Spirit lives within the Heart ,follow its Inspiration and your Soul is what will lead you on your Journey warning you if need be, all you need to do is listen to both your Spirit and Soul to find your way home.

My Heart feels you and ushers forth a stream of Love from my Heart to Yours.
Remember L ove O nly V ibrates E ternally.
And So It Is

Channeled and Written by this day 29th may 2011.
Please share giving credit ,thankyou.

Namaste Rosalie