26 May 2011

Channeler: Bob Greenwalt 

I am Jesus. Hello my beloved. I am here to deliver this message and it is with the greatest of honor and respect for you that I am here .

The world as you know is changing. So many human beings are having a of attitude. So many human beings are wishing for these changes to come about because they are beginning to see that the direction they are going in is not the right direction. I am talking here of judgment. Judgment is and always has been the only true sin. It is through your judgments that you have created the world that you live in today. It is through judgments that you have created the illusion of separation. You have never been separate of who you truly are and you have never been separate from and Father . This is the truth.

Today I see the connection getting stronger and stronger as more and more people reawaken to their Soul and to who they truly are. The of compassion is also growing stronger and stronger every day. Many human beings are seeing much more clearly today that change must come about. The wind of change that was blowing ever so gently before is becoming stronger now. Accepting change will require many of you to move out of your comfort zone. It will require of you to speak out as you have never spoken before. It is time now to no longer accept the old way, the way of judgment and to accept the new way, the way of compassion. This will require many of you to learn how to forgive. Forgiveness starts by learning to forgive your self for you cannot truly forgive another person until you learn how to forgive your self. This is the great power of forgiveness.

Up until this point in time, in the physical dimension, many have chosen the path of judgment and this has led to many wars and much destruction. Your religions even teach many of you that God judges you. This is not true. Mother and simply love you, they forgive you, and they have great compassion for you. Judgment is what has clouded your vision about who you are and what God is. Mother and simply wish to be known. You are all their children and that as your parents, Mother and wish for you to know them as they know you. This why it is so important for all to reawaken to their Soul and to know who they truly are. This is the great change that is coming about. Today is a very good day for all human beings to begin to know their Soul. This knowledge and wisdom is within the greater intelligence of your . This is where it always has been.

I wish for all of you to accept this great change that is coming about and to allow it to be. When you do this, you will see that the energy of judgment no longer serves you as an individual or humanity as a species. You will more clearly see that the path of judgment is not the right path to walk down. Judgment is what has created the great fear, anger, hatred, and jealousy that has been prevalent in human beings who are in the physical dimension. Judgment lowers your and stunts your growth. You are all here in the physical dimension, growing in your spiritualality, growing in your divinity, or growing as the great Love/Light that you are. Forgiveness, compassion, and love will raise your and create greater growth for your self and this will help others. It is through your and consciousness that you grow. Your is your knowing and bringing this knowing in to your consciousness will help all of you to grow. This knowing or is within each and every one of you. It is within the greater intelligence of your heart for this is the connection to who you truly are.

Your Soul is urging each and every one of you today to accept this change. Your Soul is speaking to you ever so loudly now trying to get your attention. Learn to listen to your heart for this is where you will find the truth. This truth is simply your truth. Learn to honor and respect your truth and to honor and respect others truths and you will see that within your truth and another persons truth there is much that is the same. You are all equal, you are all deserving, and you are all the same.

I wish for all of you today to stop looking outside of your self for what you believe to be true. Your true beliefs and truths are within you. Open your heart and your mind to these truths that are within you and you will create your true wishes and desires. This is what you truly wish for. Many of you must become unwilling to accept the way things are on earth today. You are all seeing that things must change and as you bring this in to your faith and consciousness you will begin to see ways that you can make this change come about. Many of the leaders that you have on earth today are so tied to the old way, the way of judgment. So you must start by looking for leaders who no longer choose the path of judgment and who choose the path of compassion. These leaders are out there and you will find them.

I am here today to tell you of the great change that is coming about and to help you understand why it is important for you to change. As you change and as you grow spiritually you will begin to see the great benefits not only for your self but for all of humanity that this change is bringing about. Father God has always asked you to care for and share with each other because you are all brothers and sisters. You are all family and I am your brother. As brothers and sister, as children of Mother and Father God we are all equal, we are all deserving, and we are all loved. The key that will open the door to this great change is simply accepting that you are love and allowing your self to be love. This is and always has been the key to everything. Just simply be who you truly are and all things will become known to you. It is through your faith that you are shown and this faith is within each and every one of you. As these winds of change become stronger and stronger, you will also become stronger. You will become stronger in your faith. This will bring about great growth for many people.

It is time now that humanity stops judging. It is time now for humanity to walk the path of compassion. Judgment is truly a dead-end path. Compassion is the true path for the living. This is why I have told you that life is for living, so let the dead bury the dead. This simply means to let go of the past and to love life. Life is the greatest gift that we have all received from Mother and Father God. Life is the greatest of miracles and the greatest of blessings that Mother and Father God have given to us. Learn to honor and respect life, your life, and honor and respect all of life that Mother and Father God have created.

It has been such a great honor for me to be here today to speak to you. You are all truly my beloved and I love you all so very, very much. I am .