30 May 2011   GODDESS-OF-LIGHT

June New Moon Scope

The energy with this new moon in will show two sides to each equation . so this will be a big witnessing of what is illusion and what is not. you will feel what is real and what is not when something by the eclipse is brought to light. So your being will have to keep your witness and awareness up to see all the symbols and information being presented to you. Up to this new moon it has been like the calm before the storm. It has been a time of inner reflection before deciding to make any deciding step forward and this time will have come as a blessing as the reflections you have made and decided to take are the right steps forward and you will be glad you thought them over carefully. This would be stepping forward with balanced being and wise steps .

You have found inspiration when carefully making these decisions and as you continue to receive insight it is great to share it with others and now is the time to apply it. As the reflections you have come to within now before this will begin to flow like a stream of calm new beginnings now as these reflections are the of the to your being and responding is the only way to walk your true path. these reflections now lead you closer in your eternal path home.

Some may have been doubting their guidance up until now . You need to trust that now is the time and when you are called upon and called to the infinite divine it is a true call .the only you can do you part in uplifting the quantum consciousness is to respond when the divine is calling to you and to trust each and every call, as it is your call home. Any doubts need to be worked out at their soul level and seeing the root of why you feel it is you doubt what is true. These doubts may stem back to trust issues you developed over the years or in upbringing. Now is the time to address them at their root and transmute them ,transcend them, and uplift. When understanding the root of inability to trust it can then be uprooted and transformed with new seeds of awareness and you can then better trust your divine path without letting old soul level blockages put ridges in your way. Cross the bridge . Respond and trust all the is divine . There is no harm there.

We get messages every day from the divine. They all around us if we connect the dots and see and listen o the song the divine is singing to us. The divine is calling to you to open up and dispel fear, so that your true fearless spirit can soar boundless and limitless. Let your spirit fly free.

The coming months in general will be a time of when you are integrating your infinite awareness and uplifting your to that of spirit , as you have two emotional bodies, that which is soul level emotion and that which is divine and infinite, that is spirit, the deeper emotional . You are being called to discern and read the information coming with an emotion you are empathic too for messages are there for you.

You are also being called to integrate your unconditional love of spirit body,. this is deeper than soul level emotion . the etheric heart that of your infinite spirit. The 1st emotional body heart is soul level. you are being called to go deeper and feel deeper, and connect deeper to the oneness stream of consciousness. by going back to spirit and resurrecting that which is boundless and eternal is the only way to do so with no fear, doubt or hesitation and breaking way from social binding of any material construct that may impede upon this deeper connection..

The more material soul level vestages you let go of and uplift your own heart and delve into that which is your 2nd emotional body or spirit ,the more you reflect around you what you feel within .that is the law of attraction.

It is up to you to do the work to move forward and further soar in your ascension. No one else can do it for you. For example if you felt you were a victim its time to let go and break free understanding you did nothing wrong and the being who did makes you feel as so is simply spiritually naïve and it is time for forgiveness. As by letting the experience itself weigh you down ,you are only impeding your own inner growth and it would be them for example where the distortion lies , not you. but by letting them weigh you down you let them put that distortion on you. Are you yet tired of playing the victim? So are you tired yet of playing something your not? Your boundless unconditional love and soaring spirit. Let go. let you spirit soar! For with tears comes release and deeper joy moving forward.

Some may feel like their at a place where they have a blank canvas after clearing out all their soul level vestages. This is time to evaluate your line of infinite purpose and line your self with why your soul arrangements for birthing your spirit into physical form and get to work on your true purpose for being on the physical level. The solar eclipse this day will have been previously had feeling of its energy felt for the past three to four weeks . You have been given glimpses of what you are being called to and its time to respond. Now is the time when those light workers at higher levels are being called to look at their soul agreements and see what it is that they are here to do. It is a time of preparation in beginning to get ready to begin your purpose here on the physical level and put your spirit to work for its divine mission.
This is your purpose for being here at this time and space, and this now will consume you as the divine source is now calling you to action. Its time for you to respond and look within to understand your line of infinite purpose. Connecting your own hera line will help you understand your divine mission on the physical level.

light work is all about putting yourself in and not being afraid to expose the vulnerable side of being. this is the light of the true light warrior. that is you, that is I, that is all, we are all one light warrior. It is the bold ones who understand that there is no boundery, no limit to which they will work their scared missions ,and they will take that step because they understand that the spirit is boundless and unbreakable and no matter what is crossed with upon the path ,they will not harmed, what is crossed simply comes as goes as all on the physical level. The spirit and infinite can not be broken. In the apex of being and true connection of oneness you can you anything and anything is possible and you can come out a you were. that which is you infinite spirit.

Inner reflection is all right now and putting those inner reflections outside to work. And keep in mind at any time all things are as they are and as they should be and you are where exactly you should be .

So now keep in mind anything that comes to light now in any are is are that need focus, as under the soar eclipse this new moon solar eclipses are time of clearing out the old to make way for the new. They are scared gateways of the divine. Their like a vortex, they illuminate with deep light what needs clearing and working in your life. This can be anything to a bad habit or connection that no longer fits your being, for example if a friend no longer reflects your being no more. Then these may end at this time. And those who do reflect your being will be attracted to you. As you reflect around you from what you are within.

Focuses this new moon will be health issues and that which you value. These area will be deeply illuminated.

in libra is making a joyful aspect to sun and moon in Gemini and ability to spontaneous manifestation of ability to produce back up plans for that which does come up as being illuminated by this aspect has great possibilities . As you see an area come up for illumination this eclipse this aspect will give your awareness a bolster of witness and simply come up with what to do .you will answer all your own questions and know what to do to clear the vestage at hand that poses a ridge in your ascension or what hinders your true divine path. offer ,so this aspect is great for this eclipse.
You may also feel more deeply productive.

For those who need to clear out more old after this will be a time of deeper inner peace and serenity.
Those who already have feel deeper connection with those whom reflect their own being. This goes for any area, love, friendship or even interesting aquaintances can be met at this time that turn out to be life long friends as long as you inhabit the physical level .

This will be a time however of quick and rapid change and possibility as the previous moons have been, and you will have to continue to stay on your toes. But as it goes, with your own pure intention you will understand where to go, how to respond, why to respond and where to respond and with whom. As solar eclipses symbolize external world changes. you will know without knowing what to do and how to respond. So don’t sit back, get to work. Doth thou hear the call ?
Respond diligently without hesitation now.
Ask yourself ,am I serious about ?
Am I serious about thy own scared mission?
The divine sings ,hear thy call .
Have you heard the call to respond?