17 May 2011


I looked up in the sky because something caught my eye in my peripheral vision to the right above me. I saw a UFO – it was your classic “saucer” shaped UFO and I was just stunned. I pointed at it, and jumped up and down excitedly, yelling out “See! This is what I mean! It&;s real! It&;s all real!! I knew it! I just knew it!!” I waved at the saucer with my right hand, and when I did, it lowered itself down, hovered for a moment, and then it landed in front of me. The next part is hard to explain, but believe me it was REAL. I felt as if I was suddenly “astral”&;and by this I mean that I felt “out of ” yet very much real. The reason I felt out of was because nobody else seemed to notice the UFO&;and they didn’t notice ME at all, either. The only way I can explain this is that I felt “cloaked” and that the UFO was “cloaked”, too. 

The ship was very beautiful in color. It made NO sound whatsoever – it was completely silent. It was shiny, and the color was mainly a brighter copper color, but seemed to be “swirled” with silver. It reminded me very much of how a “mother of pearl” shell has colors that meld into one another. A door opened on the ship, and out walked some sort of being, and he stood facing me, to the left of the door he had just came out of. He seemed to be very much machine (hard to explain), and yet, he was ‘organic’…he had consciousness and feelings. I “knew” this, somehow.


I waved nervously at the E.T., as if I knew ‘him’. I was wildly excited and breathing rapidly. The E.T. lifted it’s arm as if to wave back, but it’s hand just stayed up with it’s palm facing me. Out of his hand, he shot a of BRIGHT light towards my uplifted (right) hand. I instantly grew terrified and I jumped out of the way, pulling my hand in rapidly to protect myself. I could telepathically sense that the E.T. knew my fear but I felt no judgment coming from the E.T., which made me feel safe and rather “submissive”. I felt almost instinctively that perhaps the E.T. was trying to help me, so I raised my hand again in total submission, and the E.T. shot the of light out again and hit the palm of my right hand. When it hit me, I felt a real buzzing sensation in my hand and could tell it was transforming my body a little bit. I felt relaxed, wonderful and euphoric. I knew the E.T. had helped me. He then shot me again, this time hitting my heart, and then quickly again he shot another into my “3rd eye Chakra” – right between the eyes, yet slightly above (on the lower forehead). Again, I felt that warm, tingling, intensely euphoric feeling flood through my entire body and it didn’t leave. It grew more intense.

Then I was suddenly filled with THE most intense *unconditional * ….a so strong and deep that I can’t even describe it and there is surely NO human words to explain it. I have NEVER felt this kind of before. It made holding my newborn children for the first time seem trivial in comparison. I started walking around, almost like I was supposed to, and looking at people. I felt IN with every soul I looked at. It was almost like a ‘lesson’ for me…I was supposed to see people…and examine how I felt. The unconditional I was feeling was overwhelming and I began to weep. Even people I saw that were being mean to others….I loved them unconditionally and NOBODY could do anything wrong in my eyes. I was so overwhelmed by this that I just continued to weep, but always had a smile on my face. I would watch little children and babies and the I felt for them was so strong that I almost couldn’t bear it. It was much more intense with the babies and children than it was for the adults, and I didn’t think the I had for the adults could get any stronger. I knew that the ray of light that the E.T. shot into me filled me with this . It felt like I was SUPPOSED to be this way, or always had been this way, but I just forgot about it. I felt as though I wasn’t really “me”, but was a visitor here, and my brothers and sisters had come back and done some sort of “upgrade” or something to me – I don’t understand it all. But I do know that I just walked around in a “ stupor”, for want of a better way to describe it. I knew first hand that these precious beings were benevolent, wonderful, LOVING, and they were showing me what ALL peoples’ true character IS, and they have only forgotten. Since this experience took place (October 2010) I have never been the same, and I’ve had fantastic things happening to me that have blown my mind and changed a lot of lives for good. I’m absolutely thrilled about it all.