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I am Lord Kuthumi. It is with great honor that I deliver this message.

There are many things happening on earth and I am here to explain this to you. There is such a great amount of love being sent to earth . This of love is becoming stronger and stronger every day of your . Many of the disasters that you are seeing on earth today are in reality a releasing of old earth energies. This is or Gaia releasing the energies that you have created here on earth.

This great energy of love that is being sent to earth today will help many people to reawaken to their Soul and reawaken to who they truly are. Many people are remembering much more about who they are. Many people are beginning to remember past lives they have spent here on earth. All of this is bringing about a great in . This of consciousness that is coming about now is the consciousness of compassion. Through this of consciousness to compassion you are opening the gates for more of the energy of love to come through. This is the energy of the All That Is, the energy of Mother and God, and this is your own energy.

What is happening on earth today is opportunities for people to make the choice of judgment or the choice of compassion. We are seeing on the Other Side many more people choosing compassion. This is your true nature, it always has been your true nature. Those of you who are choosing compassion are choosing to be the great love that you are. This is important for this brings about a great realization of who you are as an individual and who you are as a species. Many of you who are choosing compassion are opening your eyes to the many injustices that are happening in your world today. It is time for you now to start choosing your leaders by those who are willing to change these injustices. Over the next seven years you will see many changes in your leadership as their reality reawakens to who they truly are.

This is a very special time here on earth. It is the time that you all chose to be here, for you wished to be a part of this great reawakening. You are truly the creators of the New Earth and this is truly a magical and wonderful time. Many of you will look around and you will see much chaos and many things happening that you do not understand. Many of you will look upon these things through the eyes of fear. This is truly not a time for fear, it is a time for celebration. This is the movement from one consciousness to another consciousness. You are moving out of fear consciousness and in to love consciousness.

You have created great paradoxes on earth and many people are beginning to see these great paradoxes. You believe that all has been hidden from you but in reality it all has been within you. Nothing has been hidden. You have created the belief that you are separated from the All That Is, from Mother and Father God. When in reality you have always been connected to the All That Is and to Mother and Father God. All of these old perceptions you have created are now changing as more and more people reawaken to their Soul.

We are all celebrating on the Other Side as we see the Love/ Light in many human beings growing stronger, stronger, and stronger. This is such a beautiful sight for us to see. It is like you seeing fireworks in the sky. This is what we see.

The more that you are willing to release the old energies, the easier it will be for you because those who wish to hang on to those old energies will have difficulty. Be willing to release those old energies and give them their freedom to seek and find their own resolution. This is very important that you do this. There are so many old energies that you are hanging on to that no longer serve you. Be willing to release these energies and help Mother Earth to release all of her old energies.

This is the beginning of a time of great change. This change of consciousness that you are preparing yourselves for will bring a wonderful time for all humanity on earth. We on the Other Side ask you to look forward to the changes that you are bringing about, that you are creating. Look forward to these changes with great hope, great anticipation, and great love. Every opportunity that you have to help someone to reawaken to their Soul, grasp that opportunity for this is an opportunity for you to grow also. Help each other, care for each other, love each other and know that you are all children of God and that you are all loved equally. It is such a great honor for me to deliver this message today. I love all of you so very much. I am Lord Kuthumi.

Source: The Galactic Free Press