3 May 2011    

Lena Stevens

The main themes for May are COOPERATION and INTENTION.

Subthemes we will be working with are , connectivity, synthesis, focus and harmony.

This month begins a much larger cycle of bringing all the disconnected parts back into communication with each other. In the name of individuality and based on the model of competition, the right hand has not known what the left hand is doing for a long, long time. The masculine has been disconnected from the feminine, our personalities have been disconnected from our essences, the mind has been disconnected from the heart, systems of the physical have been disconnected from each other, and we have been living in an uncooperative, separate, lonely, dysfunctional world. There is no communication, everything is secret, and we guard our ideas, hearts, generosity, emotions and , measuring them out in small amounts and then only for the highest price. We are just as stingy with receiving as we are with giving, guarding ourselves against the danger of exploitation and the fear of annihilation. What a sorry state we have found ourselves to be in at this juncture of our evolution.
With all that said, we now have a great opportunity to change this pattern around from one of separation to one of cooperation and community. The theme of getting two sides of the same edge to communicate and work together is a huge one. This is just the beginning of a process that will probably take years but is necessary and inevitable as the next step in our evolution on the planet as a species. When was the last time your heart spoke to your little toe or your liver spoke to your pancreas? When was the last time you spoke to your with gratitude for where it came from? When was the last time you asked for help?

We have been fed an illusion that power comes from being able to stand alone and to not rely on anything or anyone else. To some extent it is true that being self -sufficient is preferable to being overly needy, however this applies more to how you run your energy rather than to what you accomplish in the world. It is a known fact that when you have help and support you can accomplish a great deal more than if you don't. What would it be like to have all your body parts cooperating with you in accomplishing a physically challenging endeavor? What would it be like to have help and support come easily, naturally and without conditions? And what would it be like to be confident that your intentions will always manifest because you trust 100% that it will be so? It is time to change our approach to life from one of effort and mistrust to one of believing in the cooperation of the universe.

There is a focused energy to the month that will work well with the aggression mode of the year when used in conjunction with your clear intentions. Intentions should be set very specifically and with plenty of flexibility for cooperation and support. Intentions should always be set around how you want to end up feeling and how satisfied you wish to be in your life. So when you are setting an intention for prosperity, instead of a dollar amount, set your goal to be what you intend to feel and what you imagine that amount will give you in terms of satisfaction. That way you give the universe more options for cooperating with you on manifesting your intention. Likewise if you are looking for a relationship, be specific on how you wish to feel in that relationship instead of what you think it ought to look like. The points of reference for the achievement of goals and manifesting are outdated and we are just now in the process of creating new ones. We have not yet experienced what it would be like to live life from a fully supportive and cooperative place where there was never any concern that an intention would not manifest. These are uncharted waters and a very exciting time on the planet where anything is possible provided we keep eliminating our attachment to old ways.

One of the aspects of this month is focus. Focus is important if you want to harness the engine that will drive your intention into being manifest. There can be no distractions and you have to be clear about what you intend. This is not a time to sit around and wait for something to happen. This is not a time to become frozen with fear like a deer in headlights. This is a time to move, to act, to intend, to ask, to pray, to get support and to be cooperative. Cooperation is a two way street. You must be cooperative yourself if you want to have cooperation. Part of this process is simply coming into an awareness of all things being connected. Set the intention to do your part and everything else will fall into place. Consider yourself and all that you have around you that supports you in life. Think of that support system as being a connected community of parts and pieces that need to work together to synthesize your life. From your car to your house to your clothes to your plumbing to the food you eat to your body functions to your friends, work, nature, time, your , grocery store etc.; they are all connected and form a cooperative community of sorts that supports your life.

Many of you have the illusion of being separate, alone, disconnected and unsupported and yet you are not. If you begin to focus on how everything is connected then you will begin to experience a greater sense of support, belonging and harmony. You will begin to streamline your intentions and trust the universe to deliver. Your life will become richer and you will feel more active and participatory rather than passive and victimized. So be aggressive about what you want but be a cooperative participant in the setting and manifesting of your intentions. One of the biggest lessons of these times is to learn to communicate and learn to trust. The fear of disillusionment and disappointment has kept most of us from communicating our deepest wishes. We don't want to be seen as arrogant, foolish and unrealistic so we have kept ourselves small and secret. It is time for that practice to be done with and time to turn our sights towards a more intimate, trusting and cooperative pattern where so much more is possible. Instead of asking why, we should be asking why not.

Whenever you are working with a theme, the opposite of the theme shows up to illuminate the lessons. So in the case of cooperation what you may experience first is the uncooperative aspect of your life. You may be shown where you are disconnected and where there is effort. You may experience life as being very uncooperative. Should this happen, acknowledge the reminder and get to work changing your attitude. We have a tremendous opportunity right now to connect up the dots, to heal the rift between opposing forces and to get ourselves back on track. When you think of cooperation think of connecting right and left, behind and in front, up and down, inner and outer, the heart and the mind, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, the body and spirit, all with the intention of getting them to communicate and cooperate.

How the month shows up:


You better know what you want so you can ask for it and so you can manifest cooperation around your intentions. This month is a time to self-reflect on what your true desires in life are. Keep asking yourself if this is truly your desire or just something you think you ought to do. Ask yourself if the desire reflects you in the present or if it is part of an outdated dream. Ask yourself if you are willing to cooperate fully in this intention or desire. You will be amazed at how many intentions are based on old habits, old beliefs, someone else's expectation, a false sense of responsibility and other reasons that keep your to cooperate fully lukewarm. You need to be inspired by your intentions and excited about cooperating. Those attitudes will draw support and help to manifest those intentions.

One of the easiest ways to connect your personal community of individual parts is to say hello to them. Spend some time every day just saying hello to the different parts of your body, getting them to talk to each other. Say hello to all the aspects of your physical life, your whole support system of individual pieces. Reintroduce them to each other. Acknowledge the very physical individual parts such as your computer and your car as well as the more non-physical aspects such as your astrology, your talents and the parts of your personality. Remember that this month is a study in cooperation so whatever you can do to empower that influence will be great.


Relationships are key players in the theme of cooperation. As we attempt to find new footing in this cycle of separateness, relationships can get a bit messy. Watch for projections as others struggle with feeling unsupported. Remember not to take things personally. On the other hand, the experiment of moving towards cooperation can result in phenomenal experiences of manifesting, fulfillment and loads of fun. Cooperation must begin with you intending to cooperate in relationship to others. Then you can move into the position of drawing cooperation towards you and your own intentions. A good practice is to imagine that you are fully supporting another person in manifesting their intention. Gift them with their true desire. And then imagine that others are connecting with you in the same way; gifting you with your intention and cooperatively supporting you to have what you want. Your intentions should always be positive especially when they include others. Since this is a time of building community and relationship, try and set intentions where you always see yourself as part of a greater community and collective.


The environment is a wonderful teacher in showing us just how connected everything is. The environment cooperates with our own intentions for evolution and growth. We will continue manifesting interesting experiences that promote our lessons around flexibility, attachment and values. Unimportant distractions are being stripped away so that we can become stronger at our core. Rather than wanting the climate, weather and the environment to cooperate with our personal agendas, we are being challenged and encouraged to cooperate instead with nature. If you can hold the attitude of being willing to cooperate with the environment, and if you can adopt the that you are only cooperating with what you helped create, there will be less resistance and more harmony. Remember that the environment is only cooperating with our own greater intentions. We are still creating upheaval and disturbance and unpredictable intense weather phenomena just to keep ourselves from becoming too comfortable. The end result is that we will become more resourceful, flexible and cooperative.


This is a very powerful month for understanding how the physical body works and what can influence health and healing. The theme of cooperation gives a whole new meaning to the word wholistic. We are moving towards a greater understanding of the quantum field and how to work with it. The quantum field is extremely cooperative, so much so, that it will take exact direction from your beliefs and projections. We have mentioned before how important it is to watch what you think and say, and that what you believe will be the root of what you grow and manifest. It takes proactive intention and focus to consciously program the quantum field. Remember that everything is connected.

This is especially crucial to remember when you are dealing with issues of the physical body. No condition is isolated even though it may seem so at the time. When treating illness, all the bodies of the whole system need to be treated: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. This month it would be a powerful exercise to support dialogue among the different parts of your system especially the physical body. Begin the process of reconnecting all those parts that have been bobbing about in isolation disconnected from each other. Say hello to different parts of your body and get them to start talking to each other. The challenge this month will be to work with the body and your health from the place of trusting the cooperation and ability to heal. The opportunity this month is to eliminate the weird resistance and self-sabotage to good health that some of us have. Remember the aggression mode of the year. It can either serve you by supporting the focus you need for your disciplines or it can be aggressive in more negative ways, accelerating illness and dysfunction in the body.


If you are going to do something, to commit to an endeavor or a plan, do it aggressively at 100%. This is not a time to put something out there and then back away from it. It is a time to plunge aggressively into it. In this way you communicate to the quantum field that you are serious and the field will respond cooperatively. There is a need for focus and a willingness to be supported at the same time. The challenge is to change the habits of mistrust and to open up to more sharing, cooperation and synthesis. The fear is always that there will not be enough pie to go around and that you may not get your fair share of the already very small pie. This is a very limiting belief. The shift in perspective will create the trust in manifesting a much larger pie; as large as is needed for everyone to get a huge piece. Intention setting is crucial this month but remember to set your intentions by feeling into where you wish to end up instead of thinking it through.

Because of the cooperative nature of the month you will see very quickly what kinds of messages you are giving to the universe with regards to your finances and personal prosperity. Remember that you are the one giving the directions. The opportunity is there to turn things around and the challenge is to let go of your attachments and to be more flexible in dealing with what you are given.


In politics and global issues people will either begin to cooperate or they won't. The results of a cooperative collaboration will be very obvious giving us a marker or a point of reference for how we can proceed. Because of the aggression, decisions about how to handle certain global events will be subject to argument and heated discussion. There is an underlying current of desire for alliances and partnerships and support. This cooperative movement will begin at the grass roots level and build outward until it becomes the norm of the way things are done. It will take awhile. Meanwhile it is best to see yourself as a cooperative force in the intention of a better world. In this way you take a proactive position and contribute your intention.


May 3: is Tuesday morning (Monday night in some time zones) at 12:51 AM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a very powerful to take advantage of for intention setting. Use the aggression to not only set your intentions but also to see yourself moving into them much like diving into the wave you see coming instead of backing away from it. Feel commitment as an energy that pushes you towards something you desire. Commit 100% with no back doors. Then the quantum field will cooperate with your intention. This is more a feeling than an action. The action will follow and the next steps will always present themselves once you are on the right track. A powerful contemplation for the , for those of you who have it closest to midnight, is to be aware of the from the other side of the earth being projected through the earth and available to you as a blend of earth and sky, masculine and feminine. Because the masculine and feminine are two of the energies that are probably the most disconnected and therefore uncooperative, this exercise allows them to be beautifully mingled and supportive of each other. Really get the sense that you are re-imprinting yourself with the harmony this blending of energies can provide and intend that it serve to heal the rift in your own self between the masculine and the feminine.

May 1-8: Along with the influence of , this time frame will show you where you are most disconnected. It is also a good time to reevaluate just how much you can accomplish by yourself and where you need help. Examine the fear of failure and the need to prove something. These are terribly overrated. Overcoming fear requires action. It requires being willing to dive into the wave and it requires commitment. Don't set intentions and then back away from them. If you change your mind about an intention, eliminate it completely so that you reabsorb any and all the energy you put into it. We are a messy culture, leaving our traces and marks everywhere. The integrity of living on this planet includes cleaning up after yourself. No wonder the quantum field is so confused with the layers of intentions and the conflicted instructions it gets. Be clear about where you are going and keep it unconditional as much as possible. In this way you will see instant results from the cooperative reaction.

If something is not working, don't take it personally. Examine the situation for lessons and ask how you can be more cooperative in order to shift things. Stay out of martyrdom as much as possible and always take a proactive position.

May 9-16: A somewhat polarized time where part of you is desires to be pulled back into familiar territory of false security, addiction, complacency and passivity and the other part is inspired and ready to go out into the unknown for a new adventure with a new set of principles, intentions and enthusiasm. The first one is based on fear and caters to the false personality and should be resisted through discipline and commitment. The second one is based on new energy and should be fed and supported through intention and the cooperation of the quantum field. This is a new time and a new age and in some ways we need to see ourselves a newborns in a new world. The world has changed irrevocably and we need to approach it with enthusiasm and anticipation of something wonderful instead of with fear. We need to go back to the innocence of a child and face our future without being jaded about what is possible and what is not.

May 17: Full Moon is at 5:10 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Practice having a foot in both worlds; the masculine, focused, intentional, serious, grounded and determined one; and the more feminine, cooperative, supportive, creative and inspired one. Celebrate this dynamic duo as true partners who together can manifest all things. See them as friends and allies. Nurture their trust in each other. Acknowledge anything in your own life that has begun to manifest in a cooperative way. Honor the two energies as co existing within you. Make a commitment to work with them in balance and harmony.

May 18-24: Your commitments to your intentions and your trust could be tested. It is a testy time. One minute you may feel that everything is right and you have the power of the universe at your fingertips. The next minute you could believe the illusion that everything is working against you and that you have no power at all and certainly no control over anything. This is the ebb and flow, the back and forth, the balance beam, the seam along the edge. During this timeframe the power of the edge is apparent and visible and demanding. You are pushing the edge of your own comfort, awareness and growth. Edges are being pushed and pulled and worked everywhere. Beware of edges being pushed all around you. Remember the cooperative nature of the quantum field and keep praying, intending and trusting. We may have more global events that will push the edges of our experience of life on earth thus far. Remember to be flexible, unattached and cooperative no matter what the issue. Everything that happens is due to our collective creation and ultimately a cooperative effort whether we are conscious of it or not. Enjoy the process.

May 25-31: This is a time of major breakthroughs. This is at time when you could see some benefit from your discipline and intentions. This is a time when your willingness to be cooperative with that which you cannot control rewards you with results. A feeling of lightness, a sense of rightness, inner security and a relaxed attitude of trust that everything will work out, are some of the experiences you may have during this time. On the other hand, the energy accelerates once again and if you have not found that centered, trusting, cooperative place, you could be facing some anxiety, worry, tension and vulnerability to your own stress and that of others. We do have 3 eclipses in a row in June and July, the first one being a solar one at the new moon on June 1st. After the reprieve in May where we are primarily working with influences that are teaching us about balance and harmony, we now go back to a more intense time of change and activity. So whatever you can do this month to prepare by taking the theme of cooperation to heart, the better prepared you will be. As always, we encourage humor, laughter and a good time. Enjoy the process and have a great month!