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I am Mother Mary. It is with the greatest honor and respect that I am here today to deliver this message. I love you all so very much.

This is truly a wonderful and glorious for all human beings. All who have chosen to incarnate during this time are playing a very important role in helping to bring about this change in consciousness. There are many Souls on earth today, who are here with a specific mission to reawaken to their Soul and to help many others to reawaken to their Soul.

It is time here on earth for all human beings to change their consciousness from the old consciousness of judgment to the of compassion. Compassion is and always has been your true nature. As you reawaken to your Soul you will know this to be true. There will be greater kindness towards one and another as more and more human beings reawaken to their Soul. This truly is the Age of the Soul.

We in Spirit who have been delivering these messages have been very consistent about this being the Age of the Soul. The importance of this information is that it helps you to understand these changes that you are going through. Many of you are accepting these changes and allowing them to come about. There are some who are very confused by this change of . The purpose of these messages is to help you to pass through this change without going through the great struggles that change can bring about. Some human beings accept change and welcome change while other human beings are afraid of change. We in Spirit have told you many times that there is never a need to fear anything. As you open your hearts and your minds you will know this to be true.

Many of you can feel the blowing ever so gently now. On these the energy of compassion rides. I would like for you to think of it as if you were in a sail boat on a beautiful lake and the winds are blowing your sail boat along ever so gently in the water. As the wind blows your sails you can look down into the water and see there are very few ripples in the water as the wind blows your sail boat along ever so slowly, ever so gently. This is the beauty of change.

This change of consciousness must take place in order for all human beings to move forward into what is called the Golden Age or what human beings refer to as heaven on earth. This is a time of full faith and consciousness of Mother and Father God. Mother and Father God created you as the love that you are. Through your faith and consciousness in Mother and Father God you will clearly be shown your purpose during this lifetime.

There are many teachers on earth today who are helping to bring this change in consciousness about. Many of them have their own special ways of teaching and this is for a purpose. Because there is great diversity on earth there is also a great diversity of teaching styles from those who teach about this consciousness. Many of these teachers have already remembered who they truly are and are walking the path that they have chosen during this lifetime. I have great honor and respect for many of these teachers because this is a difficult path that they have chosen as the leaders of change. There will be more leaders who will incarnate in the very near future and they will help many on earth to be willing to take the great leap of faith.

In the days and months ahead as you refer to them in earth time, more and more knowledge and wisdom will come forth. There will be great advancements in your technologies and these will truly help many on earth to reawaken to their Souls. In this case remembering and reawakening are the same. It is truly remembering who you truly are and remembering the purpose behind your incarnation at this point in time.

So many of you have chosen difficult life plans during this incarnation. The reason you have chosen these difficult life plans is because you knew that there would be much help available to you and there is much help available to you. When you align the intelligence of your mind with the greater intelligence of your heart you will know this to be true.

Some of you are feeling frustration and uneasiness and this is truly your Soul speaking to you. Your Soul wishes so much to be recognized by you. It wishes so much to be brought into your consciousness. It is truly that simple. Bring your Soul into your consciousness and you will remember.

I am here today to tell you that all things are possible and that many, many human beings will reawaken to their Soul. This will happen. In many cases it has already happened. Many of your wishes and desires are coming into manifestation for many of you. The reason this is happening is because there is a much greater awareness or consciousness of Spirit. All of the angels, the Archangels, your Spirit helpers, and the masters are able to communicate with you much easier now. The reason this is happening now is because herself is raising her vibration as human beings also raise their vibration. This is the growth that you who have incarnated during this time have asked for. Soon there will be a quantum leap in consciousness. This will happen and this is what will lead you into the Golden Age.

My son asked you, when he was incarnate, to love God and love your neighbors as you love yourself. Following this one simple commandment you will all know who you truly are and you will see more clearly the path that you have chosen. It brings great happiness to me and to many others who are here in the Spirit realm to see so many of you growing in the Love/Light that you are. This is how we truly see you as the great energy that you are. We see the great qualities that are within each and every one of you. It is time now for all of you to see the great qualities that are within each and every one of you. As you see this you will also see the great beauty that is within you and you will also see the great beauty within others. No longer will you see each other through your outside features, you will see each other from the inside. As you see your self and others from the inside you will also see the great love that you are and the great love that others are. You will know Mother and Father God as they know you. This knowing will be your true faith. Faith and consciousness is the will of Mother and Father God for all of humanity and it is through this faith and consciousness that you will grow. This is and always has been the case on earth.

I ask you now to flow with the winds of change, to allow them to move you along ever so gently into compassion consciousness. Accept this change in consciousness and allow it to be. Honor and respect each other for who you truly are and love each other as Mother and Father God love you. It is with the greatest hope, love, and gratitude that I deliver this message to you today. I love you all so very, very much. I am Mother Mary.