You were heartened to read 's report on his tour of mainland and the wonderful reception that his is receiving. People are travelling for many hours to hear him speak. It is so necessary for Europe to Wake Up, as Europe is the centre of all evil. It is where the suppression of began. It is where your history was totally distorted out of all recognition and just accepted, without question, what he was taught in school. has been manipulated to traumatise people into believing that they are constantly under threat. It is the most effective form of mind-control. They successfully convince people that they must invade other countries. What it amounts to, is blood sacrifice. The that is released when people are slaughtered is used by the Dark Cabal. Yes, my dear, it is hard for people to visualise a conspiracy so evil, so it is easier for them to run away and refuse to believe it exists, than to accept that your loved ones died in vain. The truth is there for all to see.

World War 3 has started, right under your noses. You have been kept busy with all the distractions, carefully placed before you, while in your name there is a slaughter going on, of innocent people who desperately need you to speak out for them. You are your brother's keeper. Are you going to turn your back on him in his hour of need? You are responsible for your inaction as well as your actions.

As the family of the Light increases in great numbers, the awakened come together in love and harmony and your world will change forever. Step out of the illusion. Free yourselves from the shackles of control. Love will set you free. See love, not fear, in all you encounter. Humanity is being re-engineered to serve the Illuminati — they undermine marriage, they promote depravity, corruption and division. Ask yourselves, is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? Do not be seduced into embracing your destroyer. Remember, it is you, as a society, in your hypnotised comatose state, that has given your free will consent to the state your planet is in today. Wake-Up!

You have a responsibility to your children, to ensure that they only have access to SAFE FOOD AND DRINK. Be aware that these are dressed up to attract the young and vulnerable. Do not expose them to mind-altering music and TV. Do not rely on the TV to be your baby-sitter — their innocent minds are absorbing the sub-lingual messages contained in the music and TV. Come together as families, talk to each other, play games; create a secure environment for them so that they feel safe and secure. You must learn to navigate through the corruption that surrounds you. Their standards are not your standards. They will use every means at their disposal to distract you from your path. It is their cunning that has got them where they are today. They are masters of it, so you must be ever vigilant. Your greatest asset is your ability to love and be compassionate. In sending love to your fellow man, you create light. The energy of love far outweighs the energy created by hate. Without realizing it, you have been the victims of a hate so vile. It has been used to keep you in your place; in their eyes — preferably underfoot. I refused to embrace that way of life. I chose to see the light and live by the light. Now, I ask of those who read my words to allow the light to guide and protect you. Love changes everything. In time, you will see the results of the sacrifices that you make today.

People ask why I do not speak much of the afterlife. Well, it is everything you could possibly wish for. All is thought. There is no time. Whatever you wish for, is there for you, the moment you think of it. There is such beauty that the human mind is not capable of comprehending it. Human imagination cannot imagine just how wonderful it is, to pass from the earthly life and return to Spirit, where everything is possible.

Our purpose, right now, is to guide you out of the darkness, to rescue Planet Earth from those who wish to destroy it. We are working with many enlightened souls around the planet: some you know of, many, you have not heard of as yet. We have left no stone unturned in trying to restore Planet Earth. We are grateful to all those who help us to do this. We will succeed. It is up to all of you how quickly that success is achieved. The Dark Ones have planned more "earthquakes" soon, to create fear. They are man-made. They are also used as threats to countries which do not want the New World Order. When you look into the planning that has gone into this take-over, the only thing they have failed to take into account, is the AWAKENING OF THE MASSES to what they are up to. Their game is up, they just don't see it yet. Soon they will have no choice.

Veronica, my dear, you cannot go on trying to burn the candle at both ends. It is not possible to answer all the emails as well as deal with phone calls. I am sure that people understand this. You need to relax. Step away from it, now and again, to recharge the batteries! Keep the energy up at all times. We will write again. There is much to do. I will always be your adoring, Monty.

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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st May 2011
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