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This is a message related to the mission which I was on back in late March to early April, where I journeyed to the region of , as well as and the middle of , and back through southern Illinois.

What I knew at the time, in fact, all I knew, was that this was my mission, no one else could do it, and there was a necessity for it. I sensed it was to assist in an energetic leveling of some kind in the crystal fields of Missouri and Arkansas. And it was also to prevent something “major&; from taking place (whatever that meant). Anyway, the New Madrid fault area was a major focal point.

In two posts from that time, A Message…and Request…from LAX… and New Madrid Assistance Requested, Now, requests were made to all to send Light to and energetically assist the New Madrid region.

A couple of statements I made in these posts were.

On March 27, “…send Light and Love to the New Madrid zone. It appears to me to be asking for love and soothing during this time.”

On April 4, “My sense is that this is a critical moment in a relatively short closing out the old, opening up the new, transition period.”

After this mission was completed, I knew that everything that needed to be done was accomplished. So I got the “h” out of there, fast. Not too long after, a couple of earthquakes showed up near Little Rock. And after returning to Hawaii (April 9), tornadoes and other strong struck the south and southeast US.

Anyway, this also relates to what I’ve seen on Dutchsinse’ channel. I believe he has a better grasp on what is really happening in the weather today than most (if not all) standard, traditional, meteorologists and media weather forecasters. He recently uploaded the video below, which discusses several things, including what is happening around New Madrid.

5/8/2011 &; Rings cause storms, Scalar Square IN THE CLOUDS, and New madrid visit

It appears from this video that the weather in the Missouri Valley, Ohio River Valley, and perhaps even as far north as , is being directed to dump a large amount of rain into the Mississippi River. It is already far beyond flood stage at many locations. And the next two videos would support that hypothesis as well.

5/9/2011 — 3 Super-massive storms — East Coast Low pressure may become a ‘hurricane’

5/9/2011 — A storm the size of the Northern Hemisphere over the USA

So what was my “get”?

Why are they (the weather engineers, whoever they may be) wanting to send tonnes and tonnes of water down the middle of the US right now?

My “get” is, it is to try to split the U.S. right down the middle. Not only are they trying to disrupt travel and shipping and people’s lives, but they are actually trying to literally split the country in two.

Remember Gordon Scallion’s map of the future North America? (photo at left; click to enlarge) Where there was one big wide Mississippi River right down the middle? That is what is being attempted here.

Will it work? In my view, no. And that is the view of many of the sources I post here, including Matthew and SaLuSa, for example. All “catastrophe” scenarios and time lines are gone. They are no longer valid. They will not happen. At least for those who are on the path of Ascension. We have called in the Light and called in our Galactic family to ameliorate any attempts by “Illuminati” types to divide and/or destroy this planet. They are on their last legs. That is why this weather modification business is going on. They are trying, as they did with , Sumatra, , and who knows where else, to mess up the planet as much as possible before they give up.

My Suggestion for All…

Please be in Love and in Joy with where you are right this moment. And be in tune with this magnificent planet, which is being protected. Even though at times it is going through a lot of major releasing of negativity, and transformation.

At least that is my “get” for all of this. Perhaps you can watch the videos and see what you “get” for yourself.

Here again is the link to Dutchsinse’ YouTube channel,, if you want to see more of his videos.

[Note: A few days ago, here on the Big Island of Hawaii, we were hit by a long heavy rainstorm, with thunder, lightning, and wind. That night, as I was watching one of those "standard, traditional, meteorologists" on Hawaii TV, he showed the radar of the rain and the cloud movements. It looked "strange", and atypical of what we usually see here. But even more, there was a rotation to all of it that was just "odd". I believe this to be part of what Dutchsinse was speaking about in the last video.]